Interview mit Kids Insane



Tell us something about the KIDS INSANE?
We're an in-your-face type of band and type of guys, we like the authentic hard work that brings timeless results.
We recently released a new 7" on Goodwill records and Take It Back. We're going on tour in April / May to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and ending it in Groezrock festival in Belguim. We're also coming back for Germany and the UK in the summer.

What is it that makes you go INSANE?
Growing up like you're living in America only you're actually living in the middle east. People making use of false problems only so they can keep closing their eyes to real problems and not do anything about them.

Is there a special story about the name?
All band members, like all other Israelis, had to serve 3 years of compulsory army service. The only way for a person to avoid that is either claiming to be religious and then study Torah somewhere or you claim you are insane.

How did it come that you are now on Redfield Digital?
Last year, we looked for labels that might want to release our first album, 'All Over', on vinyl. We wrote Redfield records as well. Alex however told us about the new digital project and got us all psyched about it, we had to jump on board .
I don't think any of us has ever paid for mp3s yet, but probably in the future. For now we stick to vinyl form.

What is the hardcore scene in Israel like? (shows? Bands?)
A lot of people are into heavy music in general, but in the hardcore scene…. It comes and goes, Ten years ago we remember it being big, but maybe its cause we've been smaller!
It's quite a small scene in general, in the last few years though; we feel there's some spark that started burning. Concerts are happening almost every weekend and we can see more and more new kids turn up to every show. A few bands worth mentioning are Not On Tour, Barren Hope, Mondo Gecko, The Orions and Mad Choice, Best, Dust and probably a few more we forgot.

How often are there playing bands from US or Europe?
Not often at all. Not many bands are coming to play in israel. Which is kind of understandable, it costs a lot and also is still a bit controversial in the music world. Recently Nadav and a few of our good friends started a group that will promote bands from abroad. Gnarwolves are coming this month for the first party and a few more concerts are already planned for the year, keep your ears open for Gabba Gabba Group.

Do you play some kind of tours in Israel too?
If you sleep at your own bed every night, than this is not a tour. Sometimes we play 2 days in a row, but we can't call that a tour. The only good city to play at other than Tel Aviv is Haifa, which sometimes even tops Tel Aviv

What about shows in your neighboring countries? Probably not possible in egypt for example?
Maybe 10 years ago it would have been possible to play there… but I think in Egypt at the moment the situation of an Israeli band playing could draw too much wrong attention. We can't go to Lebanon or Syria and if someone invites us to play in Jordan we'd definitely go.
The closest "Neighboring" country that we think we can play at is Greece. We're actually planning to make the trip over there this year.

What are you doing in your daily life?
We all have day jobs, Assaf and Yoni are getting their degrees, We all play in other bands, Yoni sings in BEST and is also a part of the DIY collective venue the KORO, Nadav and Corey also plays in SPIT. Always planning the next tour or next project for the band, keep us busy. We see our work as never ending and ever changing.

How is the political situation in Israel currently from your point of view?
Ever had the feeling that you're sitting on a ticking time bomb?
To us, it seems like things just keep getting worse and worse, the extremists on both sides of the conflict keeps gaining more and more support, the ones in charge have to keep things in the status quo, which is good for business, but the worst of all is the feeling that the people around just stopped caring. Kids on both sides get taught to keep on hating and are being kept afraid of each other, something that leads to horrible non stopping violence. It's hard to see a brighter future when positive initiatives are being shut down by the government for being "too left wing", Human right has become of a laughing matter.
Living in Tel Aviv can get you to forget about it so quick. In the big city I guess people care less about where you're from and who you are… but the general speech is still very racist and optimism is almost a taboo even here.

Do you think that your lyrics differ from other hardcore bands because of your different cultural background? Or do you have the same problems as any other kid in Europe?
I think that typical hardcore or punk lyrics naturally have a lot of criticism in them, and this criticism comes from a place where people don't feel like they fit in with their surroundings or just don't relate to the stream of society, and yet can be proud of themselves and who they are, not letting people differentiate them by ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexually. I believe people can relate to this all over the world. We all live in societies that expect and sometimes even force us to clash with our ideals and ways of life. Weather if you are a young gay person living in Russia or just a pacifist forced to join the IDF, there's always another option somewhere, always a better choice than just giving up and conforming to what you believe is wrong.
We all encounter very different issues but definitely having the same kind of problems if you look at it this way.

Are KIDS INSANE in some way a political band?
Yes, like many other social and emotional subjects that we touch, Politics is a part of almost every israeli punk band.
People are victims on a daily basis here, various political actions find their way to impact our everyday lives, always in favor of the rich and favored citizens, always Discriminating against anything that's not Jewish. It is hard to see so much injustice being made to people just like us, living on the same soil as ours, playing in a punk band here and closing your eyes to all of this is just ignorance. In some way we feel we have to talk about it, and not just put everything under the rug.
Sure we all got into punk rock from the apolitical blink 182 or Green Day or Nofx but growing up naturally makes you want to learn more and more, and the more you learn you realize that this music can also be a tool, that can and should be used as it is one of the last remaining things on this planet that can bring people closer. Regardless of what their government or Religion says about the other.

Any special plans for the future?
Oh yes, we can't wait to get back on the road and promote our new 7" ep "Frustrated". We will be going this April to Italy, Spain & Portugal for the first time as well as some shows in France and a big finish at Groezrock festival in Belguim. Gonna be heading back to Germany and the UK in the summer, to play some cool festivals, and hopefully even go to play 2 shows in Greece towards the end of the year. We are constantly writing new songs and practicing back home so expect new shit to keep on coming all the time.

Some last words?
Keep on standing for what you believe and make your dreams come true. No one can tell you what you are you are what you believe.