Interview mit Krutch



1. How was the name Krutch born? Tell us something
about the current members!

haha, man that was a really long time ago. It basically just meant that hardcore and the music was our crutch, without it, life would be a bit more dull and harder to get through, we added the K and the name was born Krutch.

2. How would you like to express your
music to the kids?

Well we express it however it comes out, we are writing honest true expiriences, however they take, I have no idea. Hopefully they can relate and enjoy the music at the same time.

3. What are
influences for you guys?

As far as music, I would say bands from Agnostic Front to Pink Floyd. We listen to so many bands between us, and you could probably pick up on alot of different styles when you listen to the CD.

4. Why did you choose the name " Whatever it Takes" and how
was the making of... process?

Well we sat around trying to think of a good name for the next full length, and that just came up. We realyy liked it and what it meant, so we took at as the title of the release.

5. How
did you got hooked up with Laurens and I Scream Records?

Onno called me one day, he liked our last release "I'll See You In Hell" he asked if we would be interested in working with I Scream. We then got in touch with laurens and did the contract shit and all that. They are good guys, and that is a great label.

6. Are you still happy with this

Yeah...great label, they are working hard for us. And we appreciate the things they are doing, we totally trust them and their decisions.

7. How did you grew up?

I grew up with a normal life, the only thing missing was money. My family wasn't poor, but we didn't have the money, But we made do. I can't complain, when you grow up without something like cash, you learn important things later on.

8. How did
the Disaster of the 11 september affected you? Where did you been at that

Well, I was there, I work in New York everyday. I saw the whole thing, incuding people jumping out of the windows, it made me sick, and it definatly makes me hate. I can't fucking stand some of these people in these places around the world that have such a hatred for western culture, especially America. I think we need to get crazy, started fucking people up. We shoulda been looking for this Bin Laden asshole a long time ago,
now we have to be relentless, fucking kill his whole family, whatever it takes. I know what I said won't be to popular, but thats the difference, in the place that those people hate (AMERICA) you can say whats on your mind. In the places they live you don't have those freedoms.

9. The artwork of the new cd is kinda
patriotic, why did you choose it?

Basically because all of the shit that is going on, Karl is in the Air Force, and we all love this country, we may complain, but we love it, and at this time in America, it's time to wave the flag, and kill the enemies.

10. Can you tell me something about

Well thats our crew, good freinds, people who look out, whatever. Bands inculde Strength For A Reason, No Retreat, Out To Win (Mushouth). Check out these bands.

11. What do you think about the
current Hardcore scene?

I think it's horrible, I call it "Snobcore" these bands and kids running around pointing fingers and talking shit on other bands that don't fit their trndy mold. The scene sucks dick right now.

12. I've heared a lot of rumours about the upcoming european
tour, what are the facts?

The facts are, that we are trying and people like Onno and Laurens are fighting to get us over there, there are some possiblity's, hopefully it will work out, but nothing at this time is concrete.

13. What's your Favourite - Food? - Movie?

Man I love so many movies, one of the best is American History X, as for food, man we are big boys, I love Thai food, Italian food, mexican food, we will eat for days bro.

14. Any last comments?

Thanx alot for the interview...BFL