Interview mit Last Perfection



Hey guys, could you please introduce yourselves and give us a little insight on LAST PERFECTION?
My name is Chris, I play drums for Last Perfection; our guitarist's names are Matt and Mark, James sings, and metal mike plays bass. We're all from the Queens/Long Island, New York area. We all coincidentally have a fixation of turkey basters, weird.

Please describe the sound of LAST PERFECTION, in what way does your sound differ from the thousand metalcore bands, which are currently pressing forward on the market?
Last Perfection is a mix of catchy metal, breakdowns, and sweet 80s guitar licks. We try pushing our music up a notch as much as possible. It seems like most other metalcore bands has nothing to distinguish themselves from each other. Our wide range of influences help us to differentiate our music from the rest.

What bands did and do influence your musical development?
I could honestly go on and on about our musicial influences... but a few quick bands must be Soilwork, In Flames, Converge, Pantera, Cave In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Iron Maiden, and any band my older brother Cory was in.

You are a pretty young band with a lot of line-up changing happening in the past three years. How did this occur?
I'm 22 and actually the youngest person in the band. Everyone else in the band is 25-26. Our lineup right now is brick solid, we all see eye to eye, and know what we're willing to sacrifice to become better as a band. I guess a few past members had no choice but to leave and pursue other things in life. like our former bass player Dan (he now has the cutest kid in the world). Our last bassist Paul. man that guy was a nut job, but I won't even go into that.

"Drawing Conclusions" has just been released, how are the public reactions on your first longplayer?
The CD actually releases in a week. We've been getting nothing but amazing reviews.

Kurt Ballou produced your new Album "Drawing Conclusions" and even has his guest appearance on one track. How did all of this happen?
Our label put us in touch with Kurt, he heard some of our stuff and was down to work with us. We're all glad we recorded with him because he's seriously the man. He had a lot of ideas throughout the entire recording, there were some specific things in "Obtuse and Obscure" that he had some ideas about, so we just had him do an additional guitar track.

On "Drawing Conclusions" you even take your time for an instrumental track or acoustic parts. Do you regard this as a compromise with your brutal sound?
We love playing the music we make, we don't really mean for it to come out brutal, mellow, or anything. Whatever comes about from what we enjoy... thats Last Perfection.

What can we expect from LAST PERFECTION in the next years? What are your personal goals?
Well we hope to come by a few more endorsements; also even to find our way onto a major label soon. You can definitely expect a lot of touring, and some sweet new merch.

A lot of bands did speak out their point of views on politics the last months, are you political motivated in any way?
I'm not into politics right now because bush is our president, yet again.

What are you guys doing when not making music?
When we aren't playing music we're working to pay for either our van repairs, equipment, or merchandise. We all know all this work will pay off.

What is your opinion on all the music downloading?
Music downloading is a great way to get exposure. But if someone actually downloads something and digs a band, it would be cool to go buy the CD. It really is a great thing to support the things you enjoy. Instead of going out a wasting your money on petty things, you can use it on something great that benefits you and whatever your listening to.

Are you going on tour through Germany?
Hopefully soon, we're definitely trying to. I'll let you know if we come your way though.

Well, it's time for the final comment. Anything we should definitely know about LAST PERFECTION?
Last Perfection wants to thank you for the interview. Make sure to check out our website What else should you know... we like snuggling, the colour blue, and long walks on the beach. :) Also, Thanks to Jerry at dB drum shoes for everything