Interview mit Lazarus A.D.



First things first: Congrats for your album „The Onslaught“. It turned out really great! I guess you’re also satisfied with the result?

Absolutely, we couldn’t be any happier with the remix, and we glad it will finally see a worldwide release as it deserves!

How did you manage to get signed by Metal Blade and have there been other competitors who wanted to sign your band?

There were a couple other labels, smaller ones who had offered us some deals, but ultimately, Metal Blade felt like the right home. I actually received a call on my cell phone from Mike Faley, it was pretty shocking at the time, but everything fell into place soon after!

Many people have been suprised when you’ve been on tour with Anthrax even though you’ve only released a Demo-CD back then. How did that happen?

Well we haven’t toured with them, we only played 1 gig in Milwaukee WI with them. Even so, it was a great honor and opportunity for us, and that show was definitely a top 5 show for all of us.

Even though you’re still very young “The Onslaught” turned out be a very focussed and professional sounding album. How many hours have you spend in the rehearsal room in the last couple of years?

Too many to count! When we started the band we were still in high school, only working part time so we really had a lot of time to dedicate to developing our “tight” sound. As the years went by we began to practice less I guess, but that’s not to say we haven’t made sure we haven’t lost anything. The songs are pretty much second nature to us now, we have played them literally a million times haha.

The new album is deeply rooted in the Bay Area Sound of the 80ies but still you’ve managed to include various modern influences. How do you personal see this valuation?

We love it. We love the old school, we love the new school, and that’s what came out. We took the best of the old, the best of the new, and fused it with our own sound to produce what is The Onslaught. We feel we did a really good job, and we can’t wait to finish writing the tunes for the next record, we are taking a mature step musically in a different direction, while still holding true to what we know.

Since bands like Kreator, The Haunted or even Suicide Silence have recorded their latest efforts live in the studio I would like to know what you think about that approach?

I think it’s a cool concept . I personally would never do it, simply because we are big on being “tight” and having a sound that is in your face. You simply can’t accomplish that standard today without the help of technology. That’s what live recording is for, but then again, you cannot capture the energy of a show as well. So its really I guess a personal preference.

Now it’s time to reveal your guilty pleaures: I’ve just recently read another interview where you’ve been quoted that some of you guys are into some Rap music as well. What are your favourite albums from this genre?

Hahah, ahh yes, we love the gangster rap! Chronic 2001, Doggystyle, The Doctors Advocate (The Game), T.I. vs T.I.P., Da Unbreakables (Three 6 Mafia), we jam this all night. People usually turn their heads if they don’t know us, cuz 1 second we are all spitting rymes to Dr. Dre and the next minute we are head banging to Pantera. Grab some brew and its all good at that point haha.

Hopefully we’ll see you guys thrashing over Europe soon – are there any confirmed plans?

Nothing confirmed as of yet, but it is our goal to get there before the year is over. We have had a lot of good feedback from Europe and we simply cannot wait to get over there!

What’s your advice to other young Metal bands around the world who still haven’t got a label deal?

There is no real formula, its really hard to say as each band has a to take a slightly different approach. But some things remain true to every band: great songwriting, a solid live show, a professional manner with everything you do, and just a lot of hard work and dedication. Mix all these up with some luck and you got yourself a record deal, maybe haha.

Any last statements?

Be sure to pick up The Onslaught in stores worldwide now, and check us out on the road in 2009, more dates will be added soon!