Interview mit Leathermouth



1. What can we expect from the Album of LEATHERMOUTH ?

*You can expect all the cool kids to hate it without even listening to it.

2. Do you think, the MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Fans do like this Stuff too ?

*I'm not sure, I think some of the open-minded mcr fans will enjoy it, or maybe at least respect it. It's so far removed from my chem that it's definitely not an easy cross over. I think if people buy the LM record only because they like MCR, you will see a lot of LM records in the used bin.

3. Is MCR still your Main-Project or is LEATHERMOUTH now the First?

*My chem is and always will be my first priority, unless of course I decide to start prioritizing alphabetically.

4. What are your Expectations on this Record ?

*That's actually the best part, I have none. I love writing and playing music, if I'm not playing I feel dead inside. We started leathermouth for ourselves, and put a record out for ourselves. I wanna continue to play shows when my schedule allows it and that's about it. As far as any expectations or goals for this band, I'm just rolling with the punches, whatever happens happens. For me it's already a success.

5. What are your plans after the Release of this Record ? Do you go on Tour or stuff like that ?

* I would love to, as of right now we are in talks about touring the UK and also the US, but I am not completely sure what mcr's schedule is going to be like with writing and recording a new record, so I haven't committed to any tours as of yet. But when My chem's schedule is more solid and there is a week off here or day or two there, I will try and fill those gaps with leathermouth shows.

6. In which Moment, you realize that you want to put out a Record with a Side-Project ?

* It's hard to pin point the exact moment we wanted to put out a leathermouth record. It started very organic… a few friends wanted to start a band, we practiced a few times, played a few shows and it just felt right.