Interview mit Mad Caddies



I did this interview with eddie and mark from mad caddies at the 18th of august
in schweinfurt after the show.they played with ransome ,useless id and a local

hi,would you please introduce yourself and tell me something about the band?

hey,i am eddie and i know this guys since 1996,we meet each other in high
school.most of us know each other before we were in a band.some were older,
some younger ,everybody played instruments,so we started a band named IVY LEAGUE,then
we changed the name to MAD CADDIES.


there was another band called IVY LEAGUE so we had to find another one.It
has no special meaning,we were drunk *laughing* and thought this is a funny
name sowe kept it.

how old are you guys?

we are all between 22 and 26.

are you still the original band members?

yes,except for our drummer and our new guitar-player chris,he played for
LAGWAGON.the drummer of LAGWAGON Derrikplayed with us on one album,it was just
an experiment,we ever played with two drummers was very cool.

when you hear your new release do you think your sound has changed?

hmm...i guess it changed just a little bit.every song is different but it
is still the MAD CADDIES though.

how would you describe your music to somebody who had never listened to

kind of,we got a lot of influences because everbody of us listens to different
music,like punkrock,hardcore, ska,swing, pop, even jazz.chuck,the singer likes
reaggy,sasha listen to OFX,everybody has a different taste in music and we try
to cooperate all of it at would be really hard to find an exact word
for this.we are trying to sound different.we dont want to be in one category
so that everybody expect just ska-songs of us.

i see.i heard about SWEET ACTION?what kind of music is it?

it is carters sideproject,and it sounds like pop-punk-emo-rock-music.hard
to describe,they mix all kinds of music.he recorded this little demo-cd together
with chuck and sasha.

please tell me something about the scene in santa seems like
the comunity there is really big.

yes,there`s always been tons of cool bands which come out of Santa Barbara
like Lagwagon,Nerf Herder,the Ataris,we are all good friends.

is it true that joe from Lagwagon hooked you up with mike from FatWreck?

yeah,he is from Santa Barbara,too and he came down one day.the guy who recorded
our album gave a cd to joe,he liked it so he thought mike would like it too
and here we are.

do you have any plans for after the band?

no,not really.we will just stick it out as long as we can.i dont plan for
the future.what happens happen!

what is your favourite tour-spot in germany?

here,schweinfurt is very cool.

yeah right,i bet you say this in every town.

*laughing*,no we dont,it is so cool,schweinfurt fucking rocks,the people
here are very nice and friendly,it is fun to hang out here.

nice to hear that,i feel flattered now.hmm... ok thats all,do you have any
final comments?

Yes ROCK ON!!!!

*smile*thanx a lot for the interview!