Interview mit Masked Intruder



Hey Blue, I hope all is well!
Your self titled debut will be released in just a couple of days from now. Any certain plans to celebrate your full length?

We celebrated our album by stealing some copies of it! Then toby from Redscare told us that we could actually have them for free anyways, which kinda ruined the fun. The biggest thing is going on tour with Teenage Bottlerocket and Nothington, cause we love those bands and are having an awesome time! We are doing a whole lot of celebrating cause we get to drink a whole bunch everyday! Not toilet wine, neither – the good stuff. We’re gonna just keep the party rolling until one or all of us ends up back in prison. We wanted to give some copies of the record to some famous girls we have crushes on, but it turns out that it’s really hard to find out where they live.

What records does a girl need to own in her collection – so that you would play stupid love songs on a heart-shaped guitar for her in the middle of the night?

We don’t discriminate too much based on musical taste. We are equal opportunity lurkers. Some chicks are real cute even though they like terrible music, you know? Like, Gwenyth Paltro married that douchebag from Coldplay. If a girl has really cool records though, it’s definitely a plus. If we see good pop punk stuff, it’s definitely on. You know, like Chixdiggit, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Leftovers, Direct Hit, the Straight A‘s, Lipstick Homicide, good stuff like that. We got real ecclectic tases, so we appreciate a well rounded collection. We love 50’s and 60’s pop a lot. Like Leslie Gore, Frankie Valli, Buddy Holly and stuff. And if girls have jazz records, you gotta figure that they are lonely and might be receptive to our charms. If i see a Chet Baker record in a girl’s collection, i like my chances.

So, what´s the meanest crime MASKED INTRUDER has ever commited since you´re a band?

We don’t really like to do mean stuff to people, so we try to only commit harmless crimes, like robbery. When you rob somebody, it’s just money changing hands. It’s like, yeah, it sucks for you to lose the cash, but it’s real cool for us to get the cash, so it’s a wash. The way we get judged by society and the way girls treat us is the real crime, and it’s real mean. The way we see it, we are just a bunch of nice guys which are misunderstood. I mean, robbing somebody at knife point is kinda mean cause the person gets real scared. But that’s not our fault. We get scared when the cops drive by, and nobody goes around telling them they’re jerks! Which, of course, they are. One time Yellow stole a purse and it turned out that it was actually a baby. He returned it, of course. Baby’s are very messy, and they don’t usually have money in them.

What´s the top place to see/be in your hometown of Madison, WI?

Madison is a beautiful city. It’s real quaint and shit, so there are a lot of cool places. The capitol building is pretty, but we don’t like it too much cause we heard that’s where the laws are made. We are opposed to laws. Campus is cool, cause college chicks are smoking hot! And real smart too, which is a plus. But the number one spot, if you ask us, is a rock and roll bar called the Frequency. They have sweet shows there all the time, and the bartenders are real nice, and some of them are hot chicks! The High Noon Saloon is another great place to check out a rock show. Also, there is a great dive bar called the Wisco. We like it there, cause it’s our kinda crowd.

Are you taking off your masks when dating chicks?

Unfortunately, we don’t really get to date chicks very much. I think that they don’t like us cause we are such nice dudes with such big hearts. Chicks dig assholes. Or, maybe they don’t like us cause they think we might rob them. What they don’t know is that we have a strict policy of not robbing hot chicks. It isn’t just because we think it’s bad manners – it’s also cause we always choke up when we try to talk to chicks. Last time Red tried to rob one, he pulled out his wallet instead of a knife and then said “GIMME YOUR MONKEY!“ instead of “GIMME YOUR MONEY!“, which is what you’re supposed to say. The chick grabbed his wallet and slapped him, and we couldn’t stop laughing for like a hour.

Tell us about your favourite song as a child? Do you remember any first song your Mom sang to you or some like that?

I used to really like Frank Sinatra when I was a kid. I still do like it, actually. My favorite song was probably “New York, New York“. My mom never sang me nothing. She was more of a dancer. Like, an exoctic dancer. Actually, all of our moms are strippers, which I think is part of the reason we get along so good with each other.

When will you add “Purple“ to the band?

Purple is a friend, but we don’t know if he will be in the band any time soon. Maybe never. It’s hard enough to hold an act together with just four criminals. 5 criminals might be one too many. I guess you never know, though. Life is unpredictable. Unles your a scientist, I guess. We aren’t scientists. Well, Green used to cook meth for a while, but he was never any good at it. In fact, he always had the worst meth. You could never tell him, cause he’s real sensitive, but it really sucked. Luckily, he gave it up after a while. Sometimes I still catch him watching Breaking Bad and taking notes. Sad thing is, he don’t write too good, so he really just draws pictures of the stuff he sees.

How are you going to survive THE FEST this year? What will be MI´s secret weapons?

We are very excited to play it! We survived prison, so I’m pretty sure we will survive a super rad party. And, if not, what a way to go! As far as secret weapons are concerned, some of us got knives, and Red carries a tire iron around sometimes. Yellow is pretty good a karate, and I throw a mean haymaker. That’s about it. I wish we had a spy van, like a James Bond or Mission Impossible type thing, with stuff like a rocket launcher, or a purse magnet and a kegerator. Our van doesn’t have none of that shit. Not yet, that is. We may have a couple of tricks up our sleeve planned special for THE FEST. We definitely wanna make sure that we make it an unforgettable show!

Thanks a lot guys!

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