Interview mit Masked Intruder



Allschools: Hello guys, thanks for your time to do this interview. You did a Euro Tour just a few weeks back with Pale Angels. How was that?

Intruder Blue: It was great! Those Pale Angels dudes are cool. We also had several dates with our buds in Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Murderburgers and Sam Russo. It was awesome!!

Allschools: Explain us why you use the masks. Of course your band name is "Masked Intruder", but what is it all about?

Intruder Blue: It's all about looking good and being comfortable! Also, you know, it's kind of the uniform we got used to in our former lives as career criminals. Now, we are career musicians and criminals on the side. Plus, our masks match our shoes and instruments, so we look sharp. If you're going get on stage, you may as well look cool!

Allschools: How did you choose who gets which colour?

Intruder Blue: I just worked out that way... it wasn't really a choice. We can't imagine it any other way than it is.

Allschools: Your new self-titled record "M.I." is out and ready for everybody to listen to. How did you approach this record music wise and lyric wise?

Intruder Blue: Musically, the idea was to pack in as many different and interesting ideas as possible. Pop punk is well worn territory, and we wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the table; something that would stand out. Lyrically, the idea was to say more with less words - to write deceptively simple things that are easy to remember, but still warrant deeper reading and reflection. The ultimate goal, of course, was just to make a record that would make girls want to make out with us.

Allschools: As usual, the songs are short and fast (the longest song is 3:12). Why do you avoid longer songs? Is it better for powerful live shows?

Intruder Blue: We just think long songs are kind of boring. It depends on the kind of music, of course. Beethoven had some long tunes, and that's fine. Punk rock and pop songs, in our opinion, are best when they leave you wanting more.
I do think that short songs allow for a powerful live show... you can hammer out a bunch in a row, which is fun.

Allschools: A question that I really like bands to answer is: If you had the chance to pick your tour line-up, no matter which bands and how many, who would you choose?

Intruder Blue: Katy Perry, Katy Perry, Katy Perry, and Katy Perry

Allschools: What is coming up next? More and more touring?

Intruder Blue: More touring for sure! But, also, more other stuff. More music, more videos, more crimes, more of everything!