Interview mit Maximum Penalty



1 Let’s first start with an introduction ?

Me, Jim on vocals (drums on the record), Richie on guitar (and bass on record).

2. What did you had for breakfast today J?

Kix cereal

3. How/ What is MP doing now?

Playing shows in the states and trying to get a deal in the states.

4. Your latest Album Uncle Sham is now out a couple of months, how are the reactions so far?

Mixed. most peoplle like the record after they give it a chance.

5 The album is a bit different then the rest,are you still satisfied with it?

It's the most satisfying record to date and you bet your ass the next record will be even more different than this. Mp is always trying to stir shit up and make changes. We don't want to be the same boring crap with every record.

6. What is Uncle Sham about?

It's pretty much self explanatory. About the hurt and the unjust that other countries have recieved from my country, The United Snakes of America!!!!!!

7. Why are just you and rich recorded this album? What happened with the other guys from MP? Are you easy to handle when you are on tour with Band?

The rest of the band members decided to go their own way. Richie and I enjoy working together solo. I am VERY pleasant on the road as long as you don't fuck with me.

8. You came 3 times to europe in 2001. Did you enjoyed it?


9. I guess you had some guest musicants on the tours with you over here! From which bands did they came from, and why did you have 2 different Drummers?

Our first drummer, Eddie Torres, came from a band from NYC called the Pirrano Brothers. Our current drummer, Steve Gallo, comes from a NYHC band called On The Rise.

10. You guys come from New York. you decided to come over to europe after those terrible happenings though, why?

I'm not gonna let terrorism ruin my life or plans to spread the message.

11. How was the Resisance tour all in all? I heard the tour didn’t go that well, what was the reason for that in your eye?

Due to the terroristic problems we were having in the U.S. and all over the world I think that people were'nt going out. Also, I think the booking agency that booked this tour (mentioning no names) didn't know what the fuck they were doing!(morons).

12 How do you look back at the year 2001?


13 What can we expect in the future?

Who knows? We just write what we feel. Knowing Richie and I it'll probably be some next shit.

14. Thanks for the interview, any last words?

Please give Uncle Sham a chance. If people just listen to the record a few times I'm confident it will grow on them. Thanks. Hope to see you on the next tour.