Interview mit Nahemah



NAHEMAH haben mir ihrem mittlerweile dritten Album "The Second Philosophy" einiges an Aufsehen erregen können, nicht nur bei Kritikern, sondern auch bei zahlreichen Fans. Dabei ist die Musik der Spanier alles andere Eingängig und erfordert immer die gesamte Konzentration des Zuhörers. Dennoch handelt es sich bei NAHEMAH um eine sehr spannende Band, die mit ihrem Sound zwischen den Eckpfeilern Isis, Opeth und Tool einiges zu bieten hat, wenn man sich darauf einläßt. Also, grund genug sich einmal mit dem Sänger der Band, Pablo Egad, auseinanderzusetzen:

Hello, who is answering the questions?

Hello, here's Pablo Egad, Nehemiah’s vocalist.

Tell me the story so far behind NAHEMAH!

NAHEMAH was formed in Allocate on February of 1997 and we did it to cover our necessities and desires of making music and growing as musicians and as artists. That was one decade ago, from then there has been a morphologic evolution, there have passed several people to Obtain the one solid formation as band, and there has been a stylistic evolution, this evolution comes because we stopped our activities for a while, during this, we had time to evolution in Silence our style. Anyway although the style has changed in certain form, the essence still intact.

The name NAHEMAH has several meanings. What is the meaning of the name for you?

The most important meanings are beauty and darkness, because NahemaH was the goddess of dark beauty in Sumerian Babylonian mythology.

How did you get into contact with Lifeforce Records?

The Second Philosophy was fully recorded before signing with them and we sent lots of 4 song promo packs worldwide and Lifeforce was one of these labels we sent our promo pack. We only received a few answers from very, very small labels, we decided not to sign with them and to wait a little bit more for the response from a bigger one... and yeah man! Lifeforce contacted with us to sign with them.

How do you feel about your new label?

It is a really privilege to be on a growing label like Lifeforce Records, we think is pretty good to be in an independent label because they let you more freedom than bigger labels, this is essential to create good music. That's we want to do to create.

What do you think about the other bands who are signed to Lifeforce Records?

We are very proud of sharing roster with Lifeforce bands; I think there are very good quality bands. Is really cool to form part of this great metal family.

How has been the response so far on "The Second Philosophy"? How do you personally feel about this record?

Now is very early to talk about the public response, we can talk now about press response, that has been very good at the moment. We are very happy because we received very good reviews with very high rating, this means that our work seems to be good and this makes us to feel very proud of it. I think the public response will be even better than the press. I guess we will be surprised by "The Second Philosophy" in the next future.

What are your major influences, and how do you manage to combine them?

We have a lot of influences, mainly Swedish melodic death metal, experimental rock, post metal/post hardcore, stoner rock, some dark pop bands, and electronic music (electro, drum & bass, deep, minimal...), but we don’t „copy and paste" all that styles in order to compose a song, if you combine them as puzzle pieces you will only get a copy of a band, style or sound. To compose we only use the feelings that cause inside us all music styles we like and we show our own point of view with our musical language.

Who is responsible for your lyrics and where do you get inspiration from?

Now I'm the responsible of our lyrics. I start writing the lyrics when the music is finished, and to find the inspiration to get the song's theme I only have to listen the music of the song to write about and write about the feelings and images that cause inside of me the song, riff or sound I listen. Outside the music I get inspiration from life experiences, like all the poets during the History.

Tell me about the Spanish Music scene. Is there some kind of well organized Metal-Scene?

There is a well organized metal-scene in Spain but is only in a national level, inside our frontiers, is a much closed market because you are more accepted if you sing in Spanish and do what labels say to do, if you don't you are out. We can't talk of a well organized international metal-scene in Spain because simply it doesn't exist. Spanish musicians Mentality mostly have always been looking to a national market than to an international Market. We can say that NAHEMAH never had this mentality, we always had a different conception of music with a more global and international ambitions.

What are you doing beside music?

At this moment, as semi professional band that NAHEMAH is, we combine our jobs with music. It's hard because now our rehearsal sessions are longer and harder, it is difficult to find time during the week by our jobs but we love music and we take time from everywhere. We want to work hard and live by the music and for the music.

Are you already planning a tour through Europe and especially Germany?

Now we have not any plans of touring. I guess booking work will start in a few weeks, after the album release, and we hope to be touring Europe on next spring. We hope to be rocking and rolling Germany for a long. Just stay tuned in our info sites...; D

The Last word is yours!

Hey German audience! We hope you enjoy our CD. We will be waiting for you on our next tour at venues. Thanks a lot.