Interview mit Nahemah



Hola! Who is answering the questions?

Hola, here is Pablo Egido, the vocalist of NahemaH, answering.

NAHEMAH was the goddess of dark beauty in Sumerian Babylonian mythology. What is the meaning for you?

This name means to us the adjectives that always we have used to conceptualize our music. It means sensuality and passion as well, we conceive our music with sensuality and passion which gives to our art a classy touch

How has the reaction been from fans so far on "A New Constellation "? How do you personally feel about this record?

The reactions, at the moment, are being really positive, we are receiving a very good feedback from the reviews of the new album, that makes us really happy and proud of our job because people is catching the message we wanted to transmit.
We feel that with this record we are showing what we are abble to do, and has shown to us the possibilities we have of making our own sound, but that is only the first step of what we are going to do in the future after “A New constellation”

What do you want people to get out of “A New Constellation”?

We want to emotion people with our music, we want to take out the true and real feelings we have inside of them. We want to make fly and flow the minds and spirits and make them to made them to reflexion about themselves. We feel that things and we want the audience to feel it too.

What's going on lyrically?

I write about a lot of different themes but I want to arrive to the same spiritual goal, but travelling with different tracks.
There is a concept in “A New Constellation“, but not exaclty on the themes you could read on them. There is a spiritual concept that surrounds all the songs of the album, about the need to fly away to new atmospheres, new worlds and new constellations of the soul. The songs are made to let fly the spirit and find yourself. Like an astral navigation.

Your sound manages a number of styles. What are your major influences, and how do you manage to combine them?

Or main influences now, apart of the traditional melodic death and progressive music we are influenced by post-rock, post-metal, electronic music, stoner rock and psichedelic music in general. Is not a difficult thing to mix them, because we are just a filter that takes out our influences but in our own words and sounds.

What kind of metal is NAHEMAH? Perhaps extreme progressive metal?

It could be tagged in that way but I would add the word experimental to extreme progressive metal or, as our label Lifeforce Records say: NahemaH is a band that plays prog-rock and jazz infused art-metal with a healthy dose of doom oriented melancholy.
We are a cocktail of everything and sometimes is difficult to give to us a concrete name, I just call it NahemaH.

What's the metal scene in Spain like?

Metal scene in Spain is really poor, regarding the internationality of the Spanish bands. Is a scene that is good organized but only inside Spain.
Spanish mentality in metal is very rigid and doesn’t allow to receive new or not-normal styles. We have always fighted against that and that’s why we always wanted to get a record label outside of Spain and to play outside Spain, now that is a fact and we feel really happy about it. We feel sometimes more comfortable abroad our country because our music is more understood outside than in Spain.

Are you already planning a tour through Europe and especially Germany?

Yes, we are preparing a tour by Europe. It will be next autumn so you guys, have to wait after the summer to see us on your stages.

Would you help stop spain from abusing and torchering bulls and horses?

Of course I would help to stop about torturing animals, but not only in Spain, all arround the world. I think that is never justified the violence with live beings, but that is a question that I would like to answer in a non musical interview.

Your last words:

I want to thank you for this interview. We hope all the people to be emotioned by the feelings that we want to transmit with our new album “A New Constellation”. If they don’t, just enjoy some songs which were composed with a high load of passion.