Interview mit Nevea Tears



To start with, please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about NEVEA TEARS?
NT: my name is john and I sing/ scream in nevea tears. we are based out of southern california and have been together for about three years now. Currently touring like crazy, and working on new material for the follow up album.

Does your band name NEVEA TEARS have a special meaning or how did it evolve?
NT: we sat at ihop one day for about 3 hours just hanging out and just throwing all these names out there. Not considering any of them, nevea tears was said and we just stopped trying to think of others. When it was said we all kind of realized how much we loved that name.

Your debut album "Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You" has just been released in Germany, in the States it's already out for a bit. How were the reactions to your music and how is it going for NEVEA TEARS right now?
NT: I think its going pretty well. Right when it came out we were turning heads, and we still are. We weren’t expecting it to make such impact, but everyday it just gets better and better.
People tend to categorize everything and music makes no exeption here.

Your sound is described as "screamatronic". How would you characterize the music you play in more than one word?
NT: it's a mix between screamo and electronica. its very melodic at times and it could get very heavy at times. We put our hearts into this album and I hope it shows.

NT: it's a mix between screamo and electronica. its very melodic at times and it could get very heavy at times. We put our hearts into this album and I hope it shows.
NT: we are influenced by anything from bjork, refused or glassjaw.

Mixing different music styles is pretty in vogue right now. You guys are obviously combining lots of music styles. How far will all of this go and how does it affect the primal scenes and genres which are normally more positioned in the underground?
NT: I hope it goes on forever, its awesome that bands try to stick their minds out there and try mixing some of their favorite music into one. If there was only straight hardcore bands or metal or whatever, I would probally shot myself. It would get soo boring. Its good for the scene to have new fresh music.

The songs on "Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You" have pretty interesting titles like "Who Would Be Tom Selleck?" or "Johnny Cash Vs. The Space Coyote". What are your songs basically about and is there a main theme behind them?
NT: we write about anything from war, romance, friendship, or just inner band feelings that we have. Some of the song titles have nothing to do with the songs, we just thought they were funny..

How does a normal NEVEA TEARS song evolve? How is the songwriting process?
NT: we all come from different musical backgrounds so there is like a million ideas we go through. We throw them all on the floor and pick the one that feels right. Some times it takes longer than we like or sometimes its really just all depends.

With Amber you have a female drummer in you band. How is it like and isn't she stealing you guys the show while touring?
NT: actually she is not in the band any more, we had creative differences. We wish the best for her though on what ever it is she does.

How did you make it on Eulogy Recordings? Was that label your first choice?
NT: we did the old fashion way and just sent out promo packs and demos and a couple labels were really interested but we decided to work with eulogy. We have always liked what they done and we were more than happy with them wanting to work with us.

What about your label mates on Eulogy. How do you get along and is there any band which you like especially in terms of music?
NT: we love all the other bands, every one from societys finest, the warriors, calico system, the judas cradel, we have shared the stage with all of them and they are all super cool to us.

NEVEA TEARS is young as a band. What are you doing besides music and how do you make your living?
NT: we all have crappy jobs we hate. I personally work in construction, the guys either have wherehouse jobs or work at restaurants.

What can we expect from NEVEA TEARS in the next years?
NT: a ton of touring , possibly a new album, music video... we have a lot going on right now.

Are you coming to Germany?
NT: no plans as of now, but hopefully soon, we would love to get out there.

Thank you very much. As usually you have the last word.
NT: thank you so much for everything and go buy some merch...