Interview mit Nitrominds



First of all a question which is always the same. Introduce yourself and the story of Nitrominds.
Yeah , I'm andre singer and guitarist, well, Nitrominds started 11 years ago in São Paulo Brasil. we play punk rock since it and we toured a lot in everywhere over here and some other countries too.

Who influenced you guys musically at the most?
Our biggest influence came from the 80"s bands like, 7 Seconds, Hüscker dü ,Excel, Agent Orange and Metal.

When was the first time you get in touch with Punk and HC music?
Well, I think it was in ‘85 or before when I got a hüscker dü record, zen arcade., ... then I met some friends with some records, I went to some shows..

How is the music scene in Brasil? Are there often shows?
Yeah is good and growing up, we have a lot of bands, some cool bands, Brasil is really large place and in many places people haven’t heard any kind of punk rock in their lives, the scene is stronger in south west where we live and in the south. at north and northeast just the main cities, the press is more indie and metal, but we have a lot of punk rock web sites. bands like us got more chances to get bigger and better distro, over here. we can do a lot of shows too, 4 shows a week sometimes.

Who writes the songs in the band? Sometimes I think they are a little bit negative. What is your inspiration for the songs?
I do, yeah sometimes, I had a really bad time when we were making this album. I think that's why, but if you pay attention carefully they say something bad but always got a message for you go further. stand your head and kick ass, I said to myself. but mostly we have political lyrics.

For which things do you wanna start a revolution?
The message is: you can start your own revolution, you can change whatever you want. I think there's so many bad things in this world and we can do something, right?

Your cd artwork has a communistic touch with Russian pictures, symbols and language. Why do you choose such an artwork?
Like I said before for another magazine: You know, before 1917 the russian revolution and the marxism ideal were something to think about it, equality for all people.. everybody has the same rights, no rich etc,etc, , but after that we know the socialism became other strict political regime, no freedom for all, no press freedom and all the stuff we know, we pick only posters before it, when the revolution was something pure, something against the oppression of unfair regime, and capitalism, I think we like in the same shit today, you can see, we are not happy with economic situation, over here in brazil even worst, we have many differences between people., some have a lot some having nothing, when I say nothing is: NOTHING, no food, no education, no place to live, really starving situation, we must do something.

What do you do besides Nitrominds? Do you have "normal" jobs?
I have only Nitrominds and my label Nitrola Records.. Lalo and Edu still have their jobs, but they work by their own, that's why we can play like...... on Monday...

I read that Andre has a Label "Nitrola Records", tell me something about that. Which Bands are there?
Mostly German bands hahaha, I started everthing with D.Sailors 3 or 4 years ago.. I have them , Terrorgruppe, The Creetins, Typhoon Motor Dudes, Down by Law (USA) Nitrominds ( Something to Believe) , Bambix (NL), some brazilian bands like AOK ( they were in Germany last year) Overlife inc and Y2K.

Which German Bands do you know and do you like?
Those up this line I've released. I like German punk, you know old stuff too, like Archie's band , Inferno... I had a chance to met some nice people playing at Nitrominds, I really like Terrorgruppe , Tag Traum , Bitume , Schrottgrenze....etc, etc..

Do you want to say anything to the German Readers. Any questions that I forget?
Yes I want: Hey guys, I hope you like this record, please don't download full album, the cover art is great, be a punk support the scene. We love Germany, that's why is our 5th time there, you motherfuckers are so nice and friendly people, the best people I 've ever met before, rock the house!!!