Interview mit Northlane



Allschools: Introduce yourselves to those who don’t know who you are.
Alex – bass player

Allschools: How are you finding Germany compared to UK?
Uk is great , Germany is great – catering is awesome and the shows are mental.

Allschools: Back in November you announced Marcus as your new singer – could you tell us what made him stand out above the rest.
Unlike a couple of people, he gave us a few demos, Marcus is from Sydney which is a plus and all round hes an amazing vocalist. We didn’t want someone who sounded like Adrian. Marcus can sing and he can scream too – we had to look at the future of northlane. He also gets along with us really well, but he also stood out for us with back catalogue and also new material.

Allschools: People had to send videos in and stuff… tell us more about why you’ve choosed this way of searching.
Well we did actually look at our friends first and people we knew, but nothing seemed right, we spent 3 -4 weeks with demos from friends, but nothing seemed to solve the problem or feel right.

Allschools: Any interesting tour tales?
Haha well Marcus nearly lost the bay key, to our luggage compartment and we were running around the venue, and it turned out it was in his bunk. Parkway set off the fire alarms in Manchester with one shot of pyro!

Allschools: You have a pretty intense tour schedule, seeing as it is nearly Christmas, will you be back home to take a break?
We get home Xmas Eve! Just in time. Always good!

Allschools: Have you been to the xmas market?
Seen the big tree and got a burrito, but not been to the markets. Last time we were here we went to the cathedral.

Allschools: Northlane are known for always pushing the boundaries in terms of progressiveness within your sound, you are due to record a new record early next year- can we expect more of that or another direction perhaps?
Changing way too much can have a negative effect on your band but in this day and age people don’t wanna hear the same old thing, and so we are always gonna push it – but it will sound like Northlane. We just want to put out the best record as possible – we are 5 guys that don’t really listen to metal, but every record we try to put out is progressively different and with a new singer it will of course sound a bit different. So they’re will be progressive change but we confident our fans will still love it, and it’s definitely still Northlane.

Allschools: Where did the band name come from? Parkwaydrive and Northlane.
We took it off Architects (the band) from their first CD, they had two words North Lane so we put it together – and we toured with them and they took it in a really good way and were really humble that we named our band after them and so it was a childhood dream to tour with them and get to know them.

Allschools: You released a new song called “rot” recently – can you explain to us the process of working with a producer via skype, and also the lyrical meaning behind the song?
We recorded everything in Sydney – we were going to fly Will (producer/engineer out) , however he was unable to make it.

Allschools: So how did that all work did you send tracks over and have conferences?
Picture this, there’s and ipad with him on it and we would walk around and he would direct where he wanted the mics etc, then he could listen to live feeds and then also we would send over demos and he would then say ok move this, etc. and then same with guitars. And then Will then mix and mastered it.

Allschools: Being Aussies – you must love a good beer – what is your favourite german or European beer? Have you tried our local beer Kolsch yet?
Oh No we haven’t tired that yet but would love to if we can find one!

Allschools: On Tour what do you do in your downtime? We hear you’re big cricket fans, did you manage a game of car park cricket yet? (croquet)
Oh yeh!! No in Europe yet, cos we can’t find a set – but the last tour “springularity” we had a test series and would play as much as we can on. At our practise place we play for an hr and then play cricket for an hour! We’re getting much better !

Allschools: Thanks for the interview!