Interview mit Orchid



Hey guys, right now you are on tour with Troubled Horse and Free Fall. How is it going?

Everything is going pretty well. All the guys in the other bands have been great as has the crew that's out with us. One of the best things about touring is the friendships you build with the other musicians.

Your album is now out for a couple of days. How were the reactions by the fans so far?

It seems like it's well received. I think people who don't like it probably don't come up and talk to you about it. We've gotten a lot of positive comments out here at the shows.

Most of the press reviewed your work very well – In Germany for instance the Rock Hard praised your album as the album for the month. Do you read the critics to your album?

Yeah, we probably can only read the ones in English. (lacht) I try to look around and see what the reviews are saying.

Many reviewers (including me) named you the challengers for the upcoming Black Sabbath record. Do you feel flattered reading those things? Can you imagine doing a better album in 2013 than Black Sabbath?

It's a constant topic in every story or interview. It gets very tedious seeing it and hearing it so much. We are not in any competition with Black Sabbath. We are a very small band. The are giants and the creators of this sound.

For me “Mouth Of Madness” has much more depth compared to “Capricorn”. It needs more rotation to get behind the music and has a more psychedelic approach. Did you go this road by conscious?

You just never know what it's going to be while you're doing it. I just think from song to song as we're doing them. Theo (Mindell, Sänger; Anm. d. Verf.) probably has some overall vision of the big picture, but you really can't know the result and how it will be perceived until it's been out there a bit. I actually felt like the new album had a much more direct and heavy approach, but now maybe I'm not so sure...

Where have you developed the most since “Capricorn”, soundwise and musically?

We're always improving as players and in our communication between ourselves. That leads to a better relationship and makes the music stronger. We used different equipment this time so the tones on this album are completely different than on Capricorn.

Before the album you release two Eps but only the title track of the second Ep made its way onto the album. Why did you choose only this one? In my opinion a song like “Saviours Of The Blind” would have been fitting too.

The album is already nearly an hour long. I dont think another seven minute song was really that necessary. "The Heretic"-EP was meant to stand alone on it's own, while the "Wizard Of War"-EP was meant to serve as a single + bonus tracks for the fill length.

As a cover artwork you chose a very reduced one. Simple question – why?

The cover is meant to be simple and stand out. Theo wanted something very basic and colorful that you could identify from across a room or maybe on a record store shelf. The gatefold painting is the elaborate art for yhis album. Theo spent a good bit of time painting that one.

Thank you for answering my questions! The last words for the are yours!

Thank you all so much. See you on the road!