Interview mit Orchid



Hello there, I hope you are doing well!
These days you are re-releasing your first two records via NB. Why?

We’ve had these two releases on our previous label for a few years or more. The label has never been able to produce a statement showing how many were made/sold/left over. After many years of asking, we just decided that we would prefer to have the songs out on a label that follows normal business practices and reports these things to us on a semi-annual basis. We were not able to reach a deal with the previous label to buy the rights, so this is the path we choose. It is not necessarily ideal, but we didn’t really see any other options to get things above board. This also should solve the issue of our early material being very high priced here in the US.

As Vinyl the release comes in the original two parts “Through The Devil’s Doorway“ and „Capricorn“. Was this split of releases a choice of yours or the labels? Why not put both in one package?

I don’t know, maybe it wouldn’t all fit on two vinyls. I don’t worry that much about the packaging. Someone at the label has that job.

Don't you think people will call you a „sellout“ or something? What will/ would you reply them if they would call you a „sellout“?

Of course they will. No one knows the whole story except the people involved, and the band and the ‘big bad greedy record company’ always take the heat, even if it’s not warranted. I’m sure it makes us looks bad or greedy or something. The bottom line is that there is really no money to speak of anyway, so yeah, we’re lining our pockets with mountains of imaginary cash for sure…

Why did you call the release „The Zodiac Sessions“?

Seemed like the best option of all the choices that we talked about. It ties in with Capricorn and lends some graphic ideas as well.

Why should a person who ownes already both the EP and „Capricorn“ by the Re-Release? Is there any „added value“?

I don’t know. I haven’t seen or heard the finished product yet. The sound quality will be a bit more hi-fi I assume. If you already own the original releases, you probably wouldn’t buy these.

Why should a person who ownes only you latest efforts buy „The Zodiac Sessions“?

No one will make anyone buy anything that they don’t want. Since we’ve never been able to find out any kind of numbers on what Capricorn sold, I have to assume that not everyone in the world already owns it. If you don’t, then you might be interested in this one. Or, I guess if you’d be interested in hearing what we sounded like before we joined NB.

In November you will be on tour again in Europe/ Germany with Blue Pills and Scorpion Child. What do you think of this package?

I think it’s going to be a blast! We met the Scorpion Child guys a few weeks ago in San Francisco, so we’re looking forward to travelling with them and Blues Pills for a few weeks.

Will you focus on the material of „The Zodiac Sessions“ on this tour or just play something like a best-of-set?

The live set always covers material from everything we’ve released. There will be some new stuff in the set this time that we haven’t done before.

Thanks for your time answering my questions! The last words are yours!

Thanks for the support.