Interview mit Pentimento



PENTIMENTO sind derzeit auf Tour durch Europa mit ihren Freunden von LIGHT YEARS! Via Panic Records erschien zuletzt die EP "Wrecked", im Fahrwasser von Bands wie Make Do And Mend oder Hot Water Music. Grund genug, mal kurz zu fragen wer Pentimento denn nun überhaupt sind.

25.02 – Stuttgart, Germany – Juha West
26.02 – Dornbirn, Austria – Cafe Schlachthof
27.02 – Würzburg, Germany – Cairo
28.02 – Dessau, Germany – Beatclub
29.02 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia


1. hey, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jeramiah and I sing and play guitar in Pentimento.

2. what does Pentimento mean? Has it something to do with regrets?

Choosing a band name is always a difficult task for any band. Our bass player Vinny came across the term while he was attending college. It is an artistic expression that represents a visible trace of an earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas. I guess you could say that it has to do with regrets and past experiences, good and bad. For us, it represents who we are as individuals and as musicians and the journey that we have taken to the present time.

3. Panic Records signed you guys in 2011. Would you say that Pentimento fits perfectly into their roster?

One of the greatest attributes of Panic Records is their ability to sign a diverse roster. From the likes of Trial, All Teeth, and Another Breath who are hardcore outfits to bands such as Man Overboard, Heartwell, and Young English who are more on the pop punk side. We would like to consider ourselves to land right in the middle of the genres. All in all, we are very thankful to be a part of the Panic Records family.

4. When I listen to your EP "Wrecked" I'm totally into tracks like "Words With Friends" and "Maybe, Just Maybe", because of their sincere way of dealin' with the usual issues. just like back in the days Hot Water Music. Did HWM and all those punk-bands give you a big influcence or is this simply what you want to say?

First off, thank you for the kind comments. Collectively, the four of us grew up listening to punk rock and bands such as Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, etc. frequented our players more often than not. The feeling that you get when you listen to these bands is pure and heart felt. We respect them as musicians and as idols. Being compared to them is a real honor and that complement alone for us is a success.

5. In germany your not very well known which will definitly change with this tour! When you started making music did you ever think of the possibility of touring europe, seeing the world, releasing via Panic Records and stuff like that?

The four of us started playing music in bands nearly a decade ago and quite frankly, our sole intentions were just to play the music that changed our lives. We started in basements and if that were all we accomplished, we would have been satisfied. Thankfully, we have had a ton of awesome opportunities and our careers as musicians have become an actuality. The music scene is a truly special place and wether we can be a part of it for the next year or the next decade to come, we are just happy to have had the opportunity.

6. You're on tour with Light Years. Why should everyone see them (and of course you) on this tour?

Most importantly, Light Years are some of the nicest individuals we have ever had the opportunity of meeting. They will be releasing a new record on Escapist Records very soon and I am sure it will make a splash in the scene. We are lucky enough to have been on tour with this band for the past two months and we will walk away from the experience being able to call them some of our best friends. They have an awesome live set and truly appreciate the experience of being on the road. But don't listen to me, come out to a show and see for yourself!