Interview mit Pianos Become The Teeth



Next week the PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH / SUIS LA LUNE Euro-Tour is starting.
PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH, just signed on Anchors Aweigh Records to release their debut-record "Old Pride", answered a few questions via e-mail. check them out on their tour, dates attached:

07.04.11 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Kafe 44
08.04.11 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Fängeset
09.04.11 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Kraftwerk
10.04.11 – Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
11.04.11 – Cologne, Germany @ Aetherblisment
12.04.11 – Margate, UK @ Westcoast Bar
13.04.11 – Brighton, UK @ The Hydrant
14.04.11 – London, UK @ The Purple Turtle
15.04.11 – Glasgow, Scotland @ Nice N Sleazy
16.04.11 – Leeds, UK @ The Well
17.04.11 – Paris, France @La Péniche Alternat
18.04.11 – Ieper, Belgium @ Art Vort`n Vis
19.04.11 – Antwerp, Belgium @ Jc Den Eglantier
20.04.11 – Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
21.04.11 – Berlin, Germany @ Lovelite
22.04.11 – Dornbirn, Austria @ Kulturcafé Schlachthaus
23.04.11 – Karlsruhe, Germany @ Dudefest
24.04.11 -Gießen, Germany @ AK44

Hey, I'm Raphael from online fanzine
thank you for taking time and hopefully you're enjoying my following

Who am I speaking to?

This is Kyle.

How Are you and where are you now?

I am Well, thanks. We are actually in the studio at Mike's College recording
4 or 5 rough demos for the new record as we speak.

On the 7th of april your first Euro-Tour starts in Stockholm! what are your
expecations on this tour and especially on europe?

Honestly, We don't really have any expectations. We just hope no shows are
really a bust. Of course, most of us haven't been over there to play music,
so we want to do a lot of tourist-y stuff while we are over there but we are
just anxious to meet new people and see the similarities and differences
between there and home. All of our friends say we will have a blast and I
don't doubt it.

Did someone of you visit europe before this tour? maybe for vacation or
something like that..?!

Well our drummer David used to drum for a band called AGE OF RUIN and he did
a tour over there with them, and I lived in Germany when I was like 4
because my father was in the military, but none of the other turds have been
over yet.

Let's talk about your records! "Old Pride" is available in germany through
some mailorders but not on a european/german label. why you haven't a label
over here?

We are actually working on getting releases through a label over there, we
just have some stuff to figure out.

Are you working on a new album or can we expect some new 7" and
split-singles like the one with The Saddest Landscape?

The Saddest Landscape split was fun and there may be some splits down the
road but right now all or our energy is being poured into this new record.
We take forever to write so that's our main concern.

Your Songs always sounds to me like missing someting (Pensive / Houses we
die in) and a bit like the longing for the old, good times. i'm not sure if
you feel the same way or if you wrote the songs with this intentions, but
would you agree, that PBTT are a band that is always thoughtful of
reinventing good (or better) times?

Oh for sure. I think overall we are a pretty reflective band. The new record
is pretty much about longing for a different time and people leaving your
life and how that effects your outlook.

how would you describe your music? as hardcore? as screamo? as

I'm not really sure. Probably Post-whatever. We don't have a genre in mind
when we write, I guess it just comes out and people call it what they want.
I suppose it doesn't really concern us. I can say the new record sounds like
us but just a progression.

you are one of some bands who are always mentoined with "The Wave"-bands
like touche amore or defeater. can you describe what the scene around "The
Wave" is?

'THE WAVE is just a bunch of friends that completely support each other. Its
pretty much just a name for up and coming bands that want to help one
another out and appreciate what others are doing.

The famous last words are yours, please enjoy the tour and hopefully we meet
in berlin!

Thank you so much. Ya Come talk to us, We're just looking for some goooooood