Interview mit Rise And Fall



Hey Guys, How Are You and where are you now?

I'm good thanks. I'm at home in Ghent, chillin'. Got back from Australia a few hours ago so I'm trying to get used to the snow around here

You are in Australia right now. How is it there? Is it the first time in Australia for you?

Well, like I said, we just got back. Australia was more than awesome. It was such a trip. It was our first time there with Rise And Fall and none of us had been there before so yeah, our minds were blown. We toured with Blkout and did 9 shows. Most of the shows were really good and a lot of fun. We had no idea what to expect but Australia turned out to be sweet.

You started up in Belgium, signed to deathwish and now you are on tour in a lot of countries how does it feel?

It feels good. This is what we've always wanted to do and now we're doing it. I never thought the little project Rise And Fall was meant to be would get so out of hand.

Tell me something about your new record. To me it seems like a very angry and threatening record. Is it right?

It is definitely angry. Not the same kind of anger that fueled most of "Into Oblivion" however, things change when you get older, in a weird way. I think it perhaps manifests itself in different, more subtle ways. We worked long and hard on "Our Circle Is Vicious" and writing that record definitely didn't come easy, so a lot of that frustration and uncertainty found its way to the songs. We are proud of what we've achieved though, we wanted a more interesting, more dynamic album and that's what I think we delivered.

You played in Cologne on the Birthday Bash from our Magazine. What do you think about Fanzines and do you read them?

Of course I do. Obviously there aren't as many actual printed fanzines around anymore, which is a shame, but whenever I come across one that looks atleast half decent I pick it up. I think fanzines are a crucial part of the hardcore/punk scene, they document what goes in a certain place and time and there for should always be there if you ask me. I do check some e-zines once in a while but really, it ain't the same.

Do you read reviews of your band?

Yeah I do. Actually, with our new record coming out I have spent more time than I usually would online, looking for reviews, answering and than checking out interviews etc. It's interesting to hear people's opinions on the record.

At Leat, maybe you want to tell me your Highlights in 2009?

Personally? All the tours we did this year. Recording and releasing "Our Circle Is Vicious". My friends and their kids.

Your Favorite Records 2009

Here's a few: Morrissey "Years Of Refusal". Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx II". Converge "Axe To Fall". Iron Age "The Sleeping Eye". Dinosaur Jr. "Farm".

Your Favorite Shows 2009

Morrissey, Antwerp.

Your Newcomer 2009.

Harm's Way. Coming at you like a sledgehammer.

Thank you very much!