Interview mit Robert Pehrsson



1. “Robert Phersson´s Humbucker” is a stunning record! Especially for a solo debut.
Were the songs and sound sort of a logical consequence of playing in bands like Thunder Express and Dundertåget?

Thank you very much. The answer is yes and no. I don't think we would or could play this type of music with those bands, but I always wanted too. So in that sense it is a consequence. Also I did not get a chance to write that much in those two bands.

2. Listening through your earlier discography there is one band that does not want to fit (superficially viewed) into the context of your previous releases - Death Breath. A band that plays old-school death metal, so to say.
Having two sides of the moon within one soul: Is it hard for you to decide which side you want to praise actively ? Or is it more a question of varying preferences and broadening the personal range of musical skills?

I have always loved death metal and by that I mean the early stuff. I started my musical career playing that type of music so it’s always been there with me. It’s not a strange thing for me to switch between the styles so I don't think about it that much. If it’s good it’s good, I don't really care what style it is as long as I hear a good song in there. I cant stand all the new stuff though. The productions ruin everything.

3. When did you decide to make a record on your own ? What were the circumstances or do you even remember the moment that idea got a hold of you (doing the dishes, watching a movie or whatever)?

I had left my previous band Dundertåget and Death Breath was not doing anything at that point. So I was jumping in and out of bands touring and playing live almost as a hired gun. I do play quite regularly with Imperial State Electric and it was after a show with them at Sweden Rock Festival I got the idea. I was home and felt that buzz you have after a really good show and I just thought I should try and do something with all my own songs.

4. Did you plan beforehand this record is (more or less) hardly one of a solo artist, but rather one in which many musicians from various bands were involved?

Well I can’t play every instrument as well as I want to, so it was essential to have other guys on drums and bass. And doing all the backing vocals yourself is a good way of making it less interesting, so I of course wanted other backing vocalist also. Everything gets way more interesting if you have other people playing on your recordings, and I am very lucky. I have many talented friends I could ask to join me.

5. How strong was their influence on the creative process or did they only add their personal spirit after they´d entered the studio?

Nicke got two song credit’s alongside with me and Peter Stjärnvind and Joseph Tholl got one. They we’re the only ones contributing in that sense. But everybody brought out their best in the studio. I had all the songs ready besides Mesmerizing Shadows when It came time to record. I asked for everybody's opinions during the recordings so I at least had some input to what I was doing, and Nicke is the one I bounced most ideas with. But to be honest I did most of the recording alone. 80% of the guitars and vocals are recorded by me alone.

6. If you had to pick out one musical influence that inspired you the most when writing this record, who or what would that be?

Play less but make every note count is what inspired me most. I wanted to grow as a recording artist and I wanted to mature as a musician.

7. Music enthusiasts get (positively) used to the fact that Scandinavian bands are in general pretty unique, whether it is Metal, Punk or Rock´n´Roll and even Pop. Since your record educed 10 points from me: Is it in any way surprising for you or would you consider it as being a (national) natural gift?

I am very happy and flattered about the high score you gave me, but it is very hard to answer that question. I think we have had some early very good artists and bands in Sweden that showed everybody else that it is possible to come from this little country and still do well. It is also pretty easy to start a band here, there are places to rehearse etc. The support is good. And we have a strong history of many good bands so it’s just something many swedes like to do, play music.

8. When you go on tour: Will there be any of the musicians from the record on stage with you?

If it’s possible Im sure that will happen. I don't count on it though, they are all very busy guys. I’m putting together a band right now and Joseph Tholl is so far the only guy from the record in the band. I also have Jens Lagergren from (ex Dundertåget) on bass.

9. What is one of the major benefit to work as a solo artist and on the other hand the most uncomfortable disadvantage for you?

The answer is the same to both the questions. You get to be in charge of everything and that’s both good and bad! It’s good when it comes to being able to work on a guitar part for as long as you want without anyone being on your ass, but really stressing when it comes to all the business aspects.

10. Will you focus on 'your Humbucker' in closer future (as far as I am concerned, I had nothing against it;-)) or can we expect something totally new from you within the next one or two years?

R.P.S Humbucker is without a doubt my main priority. I will however still try and do shows with Imperial State Electric whenever I get the chance and I also play with Dagger so I’m a busy guy.

Thanks for the support!