Interview mit SUCH GOLD




Allschools: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! So you are currently on your European Tour with Munice Girls on 21 dates in total. What did you expect from this run before you headed out? 

SG: We weren't sure what to expect.  We've never played in most of the places we are playing on this tour, and never have been on a European headliner before.  After our co-headlining tour with Transit in May we knew that we had to try and make it happen.  Every show so far has been awesome - lots of new sights and cultures to see and loads of people at the shows making us feel welcome. Some of the people coming out have seen us in other countries before but were even more stoked for us to come to their front door.  Traveling with Muncie Girls and seeing them play every night has been an absolute pleasure and we get on great.  We probably annoy the shit out of them by singing them all of their tunes that are forever stuck in our reptile brains but I think they empathize. Their songs are so catchy.


Allschools: How did you prepare for this headline tour, how does it feel? 

SG: We rehearsed and packed our bags! Our regular drummer, Matt Covey, isn't on this tour so we had a little bit of extra rehearsal to do with our friend Zach Sandel (Binary Heart, Everything Ever, The Moms).  That being said he is smashing it and we are all feeling great about the set right now.  We are playing a couple really old songs (from the first demo!) that we had to dig up.


Allschools: As we all know you are skaters and now also partnered up with skate-aid for this tour. How did this come along and what does the partnership contain? 

SG: They contacted us through our friend Katrin at Flix Agency, who we are working with on lots of stuff over in Europe.  They are an awesome non-profit that build skate-parks in developing nations and promote the positive change that skateboarding can bring in communities everywhere. We jumped at the chance to work with them.  Right now we are bringing literature, stickers, and a donation jar with us on the road.  Soon though we are going to be doing an awesome skate and hang with them at Skaters Palace as well as charity auctions with custom decks which all go to help support skateboarding for children in conflict areas around the globe.

Allschools: What part of touring is the absolute worst for you? 

SG: Getting to see new places of the world with friends, eat new foods, experiences new cultures and peoples, expand your musical horizons, get drunk, wait.... there is no worst part. I guess the not getting enough sleep part.  

Allschools: How, would you say, do people react differently to your music in Europe in contrast to elsewhere? 

SG: In Europe - punk fans have lower inhibition to dancing, and also still think skate-punk and shreddy punk is the coolest - so we definitely feel very much at home.  It's cool to experience different tastes in aggressive music around the world, and I do think that we resonate strongly with audiences over here.  This tour has definitely confirmed that for all of us.  


Allschools: Which bands would be on your absolute dream tour line-up, yourself included? 

SG: Descendants, Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Such Gold // or maybe Pears, La Armada, Such Gold

Allschools: In our last interview, you told us that you will write new songs after this tour and already have some ideas and demos. How much will it differ to your previous material? How much can you already say?  

SG: We will write new songs after the tour surely, but we will also be spending a good amount of time perfecting the loads of songs we have already written and conceptualize how they will all fit together and get released!  All the material follows the path that we established with "The New Sidewalk" but we like to say that it gets both CRAZIER and CATCHIER!