Interview mit Shadows Fall



Please introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Brian lead vocals for Shadows Fall from Boston MA.

How was the European Tour with Kitty, and what kind of reactions did you get?

The tour was amazing! Every show with Kittie was killer. Lots of kids every night and the crowds responded well to us even though about 80% of the crowd had never heard of us before. It was cool to be able to expose these kids to some extreme music. They were totally into it. We really appreciate the opportuninty that Kittie gave us. They really hooked us up.

How was it on tour with a girlband?

It was like touring with any other band except Kittie party harder than most of the bands we have toured with. We raged alot with them on this tour and had a blast causing a ruckus. They let us borrow equipment and hooked us up with food when we got stiffed. Really treated us well. I have alot of respect for what those girls have accomplished so far. They have really done exactly what they have wanted on their own terms and have achieved the success they deserve. I would love to tour with them again.

People from many different scenes come to your shows (metal, hardcore, punk...), what do you think is the reason for that and which people do you want to reach with your music?

I think the reason we attract a variety of music listeners is because we have all been involved in all of the types of music you listed and that influence comes out in the music, lyrics, and stage presence of Shadows Fall. I grew up playing in a hardcore band called Overcast for about 7 years. I went to hardcore and punks shows every weekend in Boston. But i always listened to tons of metal like old Metallica
and Maiden. Lately I have been listening to lots of rock and roll like Sabbath and Zeppelin. The rest of
the guys are the same way. Shadows Fall is definitely a metal band, but the influence of hardcore and punk
is just inherent in us as people. I think that our music can appeal to anyone that appreciates aggressive
music. We have toured with bands as varied as King Diamond, Glassjaw, Dismember, Hatebreed ,and now
Kittie. We love playing in front of random audiences.

There been some rumours about this release. I guess you first planned to release this Record on Lifeforce Records, why did Century Media finally rerelease the "Of One Blood" Album?

Century Media wanted something to promote the tour and felt that they did not give "Of One Blood" the push that it deserved the first time around. The tracks from Deadworld were only available in Japan prior to that, so they decided to combine the two and remaster it, new artwork, the whole deal. It helped to let people know about tour and gave us a chance to preview some new tunes.

Fear will drag you down has two new songs, they been never released in Europe so far, just in Japan. Why?

Those songs were recorded last summer to promote our appearance at the Beast Feast Festival in Japan. The two songs were recorded with Derek Kerswill on drums. One is a real old song from the demo days called "Deadworld" it was one of the first tunes we ever wrote. i wrote ne lyrics for it though. the other tune is a new one called "stepping Outside The Circle" and some live tracks from a radio show and from CBGB's with In Flames and Nevermore.

Can you tell us what the Song "Stepping out of the circle" is about?

It is song about relationships and the distance that people can create in order to feel protected. It is difficult to let someone become a part of your life entirely and to be truly vulnerable. It is a song about how your own fear will damage those who care most about you. Human self doubt in a powerful thing
and can keep you locked in a shell. It is all about relaize your potential and celebrating yourself.

When will you enter the Studio, and record a new Album?

We are entering the studio in a week from now after we return from a show at the South By Southwest festival with Killswitch Engage and Haste. We will do about a week of pre-production to tighten up the new tunes and then begin recording the album a few weeks later. We will once again be recording at Planet Z with Zeus. He just finished working on the new Hatebreed and has stepped up the studio tremendously. This is going to be our biggest sounding material to date.

Can you tell us something about the new Songs you're currently working on?

We have ten new tracks for the album which is going to be titled "The Art Of Balance". We just finished up a new thrash tune while on the road that is blazing. Total double bass drum beats and ripping solos!! The other tunes continue in the vein of Of One Blood, with some really technical stuff and looks of guitar harmonies but with a concentration on tighter song structures and more vocal dynamics. we are covering alot of ground on this record but within the confines our original sound. We have total technical death riffs, total mosh breaks and even ballad types riffs.

What is the Story behind the name Shadows Fall?

Matt came up with the name. It was from a short run comic series in the 90's. No big story behind it. It just seemed to fit. We didn't want a name that sounded too much like any one style of metal. Leave it more ambiguous.

What can we expect in the future from Shadows Fall?

Once the new record comes out, we will be touring like crazy, trying to cover the US, Europe and Japan. We are working on booking a short headlining tour in the East Coast of the US with some friends of ours but nothing is definite.

Thanks a lot for the interview, any last comment?

Thank you for the interview. We appreciate the coverage. To keep posted on all that is happening with Shadows Fall you can check out for updates on new metal and hardcore you can check out thanks again!!