Interview mit Siamese Fighting Fish



Can you give us a brief run-through of the SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH story, so far?

Hey Clement! Siamese Fighting Fish has existed for 4 years now – The funny story is actually that October 24th we had our first rehearsal together. So it took us exactly 4 years to write, and release and album domestically and internationally. But we are hoping to have our second album already next year J

You have new member in your band and with jonas a violinist in your rock band. Is it a experiment or your finally sound?

The violin thing I think is a permanent thing, and in my opinion we should even get a mac/keys/programming person in there as well. Simply to broaden our horisont and sound. The main vision is to evolve the sound until we get bored with it. Luckily we’ve just getting started and I foresee a very long lasting relationship that is Siamese Fighting Fish

Your sound was often compared to crossover bands like SOAD or emotional bands like INCUBUS/LOSTPROPHETS. How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is not as eclectic nor as emo but somewhere in between. It’s melodic and a times puzzling. The thing we treasure the most is the fact that you need to take time, sit down and listen to the music because it has to grow on you. I’ve experienced that these kind of records are more longlasting.

How does your debut album 'We Are The Sound' compare to your Ep's?

We’ll some of the songs on the previous ep’s is on the record (For you, K.i.t.t, dressed to the nines). But the LP is less metal and more spacey I would say

SIFIFI started out in 2005. Why has it taken this long time to release your debut?

We started of in the end of 2007 – hehe.. Get your facts right reporter. We write music in the rehearsalroom and where everyone has a say. That is a very slow but very creative process and that would basically be my answer to your question.

“We Are The Sound”, what does it mean?

We are cocky as hell J no but basically living in DK we have a small scene and what we aim for is to make a sound that is completely ours. We are not fully there yet but we are on a journey. It is taken from an Alexisonfire song from their album Crisis.

Speaking of the record's cover art, can you tell us how that was made and why it looks the way it does?

It is a painting by Charles Bell, and it is trying to illustrate the two faces of the album. The melodic and the brutal, also lyrically it has to be divided into two parts. The ones where the lyrical theme is driven but the righteous, justice logic and with a drive to do the right things here in life (Perfect Human Being, K.i.t.t, Sundance) and the other part that is clearly driven by emotions and unrational thoughts (Chronicles, Dressed To The Nines, Emily).

How does it feel, that the reviews of the album so far have been great?

Feels surprising, and reassuring. Hopefully they will keep coming. Anyone who says that they don’t matter are probably lying. It creates optimism that people like it.

What does 2011 hold for you, a headline tour or a support or some festival engagements in 2012?

Our biggest dream is to hit the local and amazing festival Roskilde Festival. That’s why I even got into a band. Otherwise we will probably play some festivals in DK, but you never know.. If the reviews keep rolling in, we just might busier than we expected.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank you at Allschools to take your time and reviewing our stuff. Also we would like to send a shout out to anyone who has given our music a listen. Hopefully you will hang on and for god’s sake make your own band and realize yourself! Music is for those who have something at heart and who believe in the artistical expression as a way of living your life – just like some others have a bible to stick to.

Thank You!!