Interview mit Sidekick



Introduce yourself to our readers please!

We are sidekick from Stuttgart. We play with the following line up since may
98, exactly 4 years Pat=Git, Heigo= Git, Timo =Bass, Fabi = Drums and me Jogges
on the vocals.

Why is the new Album called "Amistad" ?

Amistad means friendship in Spanish. So for us ist friendship, unity and all
that stuff very important. But when you choose an english title with "Unity"
or "Frienship" it sound cheesy. We wanted to do something special.

How did you guys got involved into Hardcore, Punk ?

Each one from the band has his own personal Hardcore/ Punk story. I dont know
exactly when it started, but it started in the age of 13-14 when i started listening
to Punk / metal and Hardcore.

We startet goin to local Punk shows....

I still love all that German Punk shit like, Slime, Toxoplasma or Hass.

It's angry and it's wild! Chaos.

Amistad came out on Mad Mob Records Berlin? How did you came together with
this label? Why do you release the 10" by yourself?

David from Mad Mob and me we know each other for a long time. Long before Sidekick.
So he watched out for Sidekick from the first time. He watched the band growing
and all that. And then someday he said. Jogges let's do a CD on our label. And
I saisd: allright.

Usally our Friend Capt Crap from CrapChord records wanted to release the 10",
but through some personal problems he was not able to do the record.... so we
decieded to do it on our own.

Its a lot of work, but its cool for us. And we keep control.

Do you think you can change anything with your music? I guess you have
a certain message to the scene? Tell us something about that!

No, I think we can't change the bad things in the Hardcore scene. We also can't
save the world or make it to a better place.

What I try to do when I'm on stage is to tell the people about our attitude
and our personal meaning about some things.

For me it is very important to look behind the mirror and try to see the things
the way there are.

Look for me it's hardcore to stay true to yourself and be against, I hope you
know what Imean.

Nowadays there are so many bands who have nothing to say. I hate that when for
a band on stage the only attidude is : buy or Cd and our merch in the back and
dance harder.

Fuck thats not Hardcore in my eyes.

But back to your question, I think when you try to keep it real and try to act
and people realize that you are not a fake. They start thinking about everything
you said.

Its very hard to sound original, because there are so many Bands nowadays
that play a similar Style to your music. What do you think about the evolution
of hardcore for your band and in general?

I like that old NYC style the most and I don't like all that metal or emo bullshit.
Some Bands from that new breed style are cool, some not.

I don't wanna judge someone by doin his own style of music. When you look it
to the past, hardcore always changes a little bit.

In the past you had bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat or the mighty Cro-Mags
and now you have bands like.... shit i don't now all these new metal Bands.
for example...äh Until the end...

Your Lyrics handle mostly about personal issues. What goes through your
head when you write them?

The lyrics on the record were mostly written by Heiko or guitar player. He
often writes personal lyrics. Which deal alot with that fucked up society and
about mankind in general. My lyrics are more in your face. They deal about unity
, friendship, about the scene or against fascism or racism!!! It's very important
for us to make a clear statment against fuckin Nazi scum.

What do you guys do for a living?

Pat and Timo are on the university. Fabi is most of the time unemployed and
works sometims here, sometimes there... Heiko is workin in a big Factory. and
I am workin for Volcom, its a skateboard brand and we are doin the distro here
in Stuttgart.

Whats the hardest decision you ever made in your life?

Don't know.

Are you guys into any other interest besides hardcore?

Yeah. pat is doin alot of Sport.. timo is drawing a lot of pictures... Heiko
also. fabi and me are hangin at hardcore shows alot.. But we all like hangin
in bars and drinkin beer with our Crew.

I heard that you guys are going on tour with Skardhead? Pretty cool, what
do you expect from that Tour?

Yes we are doin the summer tour with skarhead. I don't know what we expect.
I think it's cool, cuz alot of people will see us on this tour. We have a great
time a lot of fun and all that

stuff. We are all looking forward

I would say, Sidekick stays for quality Southside Hardcore. Tell us something
about the scene there, about the new bands, magazines-!

I love the stuttgart Scene, cuz it open minded. and lot of differnt kids hang
out with each other, in peace and harmony! thats perfect. There is a lot goin
on here. We have bands like: Absidia, Crisis Never Ends, More Than Ever, Face
like moses, Acabah Rot, Cruse Missiles, 711 Mayhem, One million thoughts, Backslap,
All Riot, Masters Of The Universe.....and a lot more of course Closeline and
tidal. check out

I know you are a very critical band. There is so much shittalking around
out there, especially in the internet. Whats your opinion to stuff like this?

About that internet bullshit talkin i give a shit. Its so easy to shit in the
www. I like people that say it to my face!!!! When I have a problem with a person
I speak face to face, give him a call or send him a email with my name. But
most of that internet bitches write shit without a rel name behind it. We stand
for what we are!!! That's Sidekick

Thanks for the interview, any last comment?

Ricco and Simone thanks alot for the interview i hope to see you soon.

Respect and peace to the whole allschools posse exsecialy to my boy Tom!!

Hugs and kisses to all our friends everywhere!!

True blue R.I.P.