Interview mit Strife



Please introduce yourself to our readers?

hello, this is rick. thanks for doing the interview.

Since you have a couple of line up changes, what is the current line-up?

at this time it's: andrew- guitar, chad- bass, roy (downset)- guitar, aaron- drums, and myself- vocals.

What happened with the Band Angermeans?

"angermeans" was a project band that andrew and sid (original drummer) had started about a year after strife stopped playing. they recorded a two song demo and called me up to see if i would sing on it. i listened to it and liked it a lot. after doing the vocals, i decided to stay on permanently. the two songs were "life stained red" and "spill no blood", which are both on the new "strife" record. after the death of one of our best friends, we thought we could raise money playing some benefit shows for his family. we decided to do it under the name "strife", hoping that it would bring more people. the shows were great. as a band, we really felt together again. i think we just needed some time to breathe as individuals. we couldn't let it go after that. a few months later, we began writing the new album.

Why is the name of the new album similar to that Band?

after the september 11 attacks, the name seemed fitting. the title track of the album is "angermeans". and that song is basically raising the question of why. after centuries of bloodshed, why is it still going on? you would think with all of the so-called "progress" that humans have reached, that we, as a people, would learn to except one another. but deep-down inside we are as primitive as the day we first walked the earth. technology and progress won't save us from the dark cloud hovering above our heads.

A lot of things changed through the years. Your sound gets more metal
influenced every time. Also the new Album. Do you see yourself still
Hardcore or more a Metalband now?

i'm not sure of what you would call us (laughs). i think we just play heavy music. we pull influence from so many different styles. if i had to choose, i would say that we are more of a metal band now. but i'm not even sure of what metal is anymore (laughs). we're "strife"... and that's all.

How did you wrote the new Album? I guess there been a lot of Pressure and

when we were writing the record, i don't think any of us really felt any pressure. there was the pressure of getting it finished in time for the release date. it was a hard process to get through. but as far as what people were going to expect, we weren't too worried. we wrote songs that we liked, and in the past it had always worked.

Are you still satified with the new album?

yes... actually, i like the record more now. it was so difficult getting through the whole process of recording, i didn't have time to enjoy the experience, or the what was being recorded. we all had regular day jobs that conflicted with the scheduelling. it was like: come in this night, at this time, and then we wouldn't go in for another week or so. it was hard to stay focused. but considering what we had to work with, the album came out better than my initial expectations.

There have been so many rumours about Strife and beeing Straight Edge or not.
What is the truth about the Band and this way of life?

andrew is the only remaining straight edge member. we are not a straight edge band. hopefully (but i'm sure undoubtably), this will not be a problem for most. i can understand the concern about this issue from those who are straight edge and see us as a straight edge band. but the truth of the matter is: we play music that we love. it's always been that way. from the bands conception, until now, our message has consistantly been one of unity. among all those who come to our shows. the fact that we will not be playing some of our older songs, shouldn't take away from what our main objective is. hardcore, or any music that presents a positive alternative to what is considered mainstream, should, in my opinion, be embraced by all who are seeking a lasting change within themselves and the world around them. the fact that i am no longer straight edge, shouldn't deter the ability to see the bigger picture. for us, there are so many issues that need addressing. moreso than just the topic of being drug free or not.

Will you still play old songs from „one truth“ and „in this defiance“?

yes... some. of course we won't be playing songs like "force of change" and so forth. there were only about five or six songs that directly spoke about straight edge of thos two albums. i think most people overlook that fact. and most of the songs that people liked, weren't about it.

What’s about the plans for your European Tour? Will you come for a
Clubtour, or together with an other band?

it depends. either way, we will be coming to europe. it has always been a favorite place to tour. the kids seem much more appreciative for the music and the efforts made by bands. it looks like (but isn't definite) we will be coming for the summer festivals. and of course, we will playing at smaller venues as well. i can't wait!!!

Any final words and greetings?

thank you for taking interest. we work very hard and it's nice to feel like it's worth it. thank you to whoever reads this interview. without you, we wouldn't have much purpose. and finally, thank you to all those who have bought our records in the past. please check out our new one. it's a bit different, but it's a progression of what is strife. we are all on a journey... it's called life. embrace it, live it to the fullest, and never look back. peace... rick