Interview mit Templeton Pek



Which song on "Slow Down For Nothing" do you want me to listen to if I never heard any TEMPLETON PEK stuff before? Why?

Obviously all the songs on "Slow Down For Nothing" are worthy of you hearing them, not only as it is a step up for us as a band in performing and songwriting but also production wise in which songs like "What Are You Waiting For" are a prime example of that. But if I had to pick one song I would say the track "Signs," it neatly gives you a taste and sample of what we're about in roughly 3 minutes 30 seconds; riffy, melodic, anthemic, bouncy, fast and with time for a bit of a breakdown before unleashing the power in the final driving chorus. If that song doesn't strike a chord and have an effect on you, then your senses are dead. Simple as that.

What made Templeton Peck cooler than B.A. or Hannibal? Did you ever end up watching Knight Rider instead?

Face man or Templeton Peck was way cooler than BA or Hannibal as he was the resourceful one. We've had to be pretty resourceful and self-reliant ourselves over the years. He could always talk his way out of a difficult situation, or get himself into a better one by manipulating the simple minded or evil people. Of course we watched Knight Rider, we were kids of the 80's, we also watched Baywatch, Airwolf and the lesser known Streethawk too (which was kind of a mash up of all those formats minus any bikinis).

What else is on the to-do-list for TEMPLETON PEK in 2012?

The main to do list for us is to get out to as many places and play to as many people as possible, we'll also be writing new material in between touring, so basically keeping as busy as physically possible, and cover as much ground as we can. We're confident in the tracks we have and are ready for the world to sit up and take notice.