Interview mit The Devil Wears Prada



For those fans who havent heard the new album yet, how would you describe it?

Heavier and better song writing as compared to Plagues and Dear Love.

How does “With Roots Above And Branches Below” differ from your previous albums?

We were older and we gradually got better at our instruments which helped to make it more musically respectable, which is a big step as compared to the last records.

In my opinion, your new output is heavier and it is more melodic!

We definitely worked to make it heavier and more melodic so it's good to see that reaction.

Was the writing process for your new release any different from the “Plagues” album?

There was a much more strict deadline which was different as compared to Plagues and Dear Love.

You recently switched labels from Rise Records to Ferret Records. How did that come about?

Before Plagues came out we were looking for a new record label where there was more room to grow. Everything is still good with Rise, but we felt like Ferret was the place to be.

Is there a specific reason for working with Joey Sturgis again?

He is a safe choice because we know what we are going to get when we work with him, but at the same time he gradually gets better.

What is probably the most surprising thing about you guys that people wouldn't know?

We are fully exposed, everyone already knows everything, haha.

Are there any bands that you would like to play with?

Parkway Drive and Slipknot.

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