Interview mit Truckfighters



To start with please give us some introduction to TRUCKFIGHTERS.

The Truckfighters are; Ozo (vocals and bass), Dango (guitar), Paco (drums) and me, Fredo, on guitar. But now you’re talking to Fredo and Fredo onlyJ

How did you personally discover music for yourselves?

Through my dad's collection of Beatles' albums. I couldn't stop listening to them and couldn't figure out why.

How did you get together as a band?

We were friends and started to hang out and play music together.

Which paragons do you have if you think of other bands in the business?

For me personally it is The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. If I have to choose a more contemporary band it would have to be Tool.

How would you describe the music you play in your own words and which bands did and do influence you?

The music is born when we fool around and just have fun with it. Usually we have a microphone that records the stuff and then we structure that material into the actual song.

Tell us something about "Gravity X". Is there a main theme behind the songs?

Yes and no. The lyrics are about nothing and everything and the whole idea with the album is to get the listener to focus and pay attention to the music. You could say that the theme is a journey that begins with the first song and ends with the last.

Looking back at the production process, would you change anything in terms of sound if you could spend another day in the studio?

There are always things you can do better or change but if I went back and changed it, then it wouldn't be the album it is today. The sound I find interesting today might have lost all interest to me when we record our next album. You always find new sounds and ideas. Just as in real life you have to change and evolve 'cause otherwise you would be standing still your whole life.

How would you classify the Swedish music scene in comparison with the American or British one?

Sweden is a small country compared to the States, UK or Germany so the music scene is of course much smaller. If we focus on the more non mainstream bands I think that it is really hard to make it here because the audience is so much smaller. An "underground" band in Germany might have 100 000 fans, here in Sweden it might have 1 000.

What aims do you pursue with your music?

For me personally it is all about doing what I love. Play my music and meet interesting and fun people. And if I'm lucky I might even make enough money to pay my rent!

If you could choose a band you would like to tour with, which band would it be and why?

Dozer, they are good people and a hell of a band!

Your going to tour through Germany in September, what do you expect from this visit?

Hopefully to get more people aware of our existence and also to give great performances for our fans.

Thank you very much for your time, the final comment is yours.

------And remember, Soylent Green is people!--------------------