Interview mit Unearth



Can you please introduce yourself and the band to our readers, please?

My name is Trevor and I sing for the band "Unearth". We are a metal/hardcore
band from Boston, Massachusetts.

How and when was the first time you decided to make music together?

The band formed in August of 1998 with the intention of making music we like. We didn't want to follow trends. We just wanted to write music that we all enjoyed. We didn't care what people thought. It apparently payed off because the response to our music has been phenomenal.

Were any of you previously in other bands?

Yes, we all met from playing in area local bands. We always respected each
others abilities and agreed to come together and give a new band a shot.

Your Style combines Metal with New School, which sound really brutal! What's the secret of your success?

We all grew up listening to metal and then got introduced to hardcore in our
early to mid teens. We don't really have a secret. We just write what we think sounds good. If it comes out sounding good it is because we have had great influences.

What are big influences for Unearth?

As a band we collectively enjoy Crowbar, Shai Hulud, Overcast, Hatebreed, In
Flames, Death, At the Gates, Obituary, Sepultura and the Refused.

Do you feel yourself a Hardcoreband or more a metalband?

Most of todays "hardcore" bands are mostly metal. No one sounds like Minor
Threat or Sick of It All anymore. If you compare us to those bands then we are a total metal band. But if you consider what the hardcore scene takes as hardcore these days then I would have to say we are a pretty even mix of both sounds.

Whats the message of Unearth? What do you want to express?

I like to write positive living lyrics. We all have one life to live and we
should take advantage of every day we are above ground. Other than that I also write about the environment, gun control, war and personal experiences.

What kind of music are you guys listening too?

Right now I am listening to "As I Lay Dying" and "the Bled". I know my drummer Mike is listening to a lot of "Rhapsody". Buz listens to a lot of "Dead Kennedy's". Ken listens to a lot of emo and our new bassist Slo listens to a lot of power metal.

Whom idea was the split release with Liar ?

Eulogy Recordings approached us with the idea. We thought it was a great idea to be heard more by Europeans and we can trade off touring in each others respective countries with Liar.

Can you tell us something about the songs on that split? What can we expect?

You can expect three brand new songs from us and one demo version of "My Desire" off of "The Stings of Conscience". The songs are more in the metal direction, but have more creative breakdowns. Fans can expect the same formula of a metal type song with hardcore breakdowns and bridges, but the songs are the next possible progression in heaviness for us. We are happy with the tunes and we have a feeling others will be too.

What will be the next step after the Eurotour and the Split CD?

We want to tour as much as possible. Touring is the best thing in the world
to do. Having people move around to our music and scream out my lyrics in
different spots around the world is the most amazing feeling to me. We want to feel that everyday, so touring a lot is in our future.

We heard that you play amazing shows in the states. So i think Europe will see the best side of Unearth! What are you doing for the Tour so far? Is there a big pressure on you?

Well M.A.D. has not sent over all of our information yet so I really can not say what the plan is. I think we are flying into either Frankfurt or Berlin and playing a good portion of our shows in Germany. I would like to play some dates in the UK as well. I wouldn't say there is pressure on us, but it is very exciting. Most of us have not been across the ocean before and are very excited to see the different countries and see how the people in Europe accept us.

We have toured alot in the United States and know the right things to do on
tour and on stage, but we are excited to see what will be a whole new world to us.

What do you think about Veganism?

Everyone is free to do what they want. I respect anyone who can committ to a lifestyle change for a good reason.

Lord Of The Rings?

The movie was good, but I just started reading the books. I heard the books were very insightful on life.

Betty Page?

Not really into her...she is sexy, but I am not fascinated with her.

Reunion of HC Classic Bands?
I am into it. We are missing the "Overcast" reuinion show while we are in Europe. They are the best metalcore band ever. (someone is video taping it for us) Most hardcore and metal bands can't tour forever because there really is not that much money to be made, even by the big bands. So eventually bands have to retire and get real jobs. Reunion shows allow those bands to come back from the dead and let those older hardcore and metal feelings come back on the stage.

Would you say that Unearth is a political oriented Band?

I write some political lyrics, but I am not a political leader by any means.
I have my opinions on certain topics, but I am in no way "the Refused" or
"Dead Kennedy's" when it comes to politics.

Thanks for the interview, any last comments?

Thanks for the exposure. Look for us on tour a lot this summer. We will be in Europe in March and April and then will hopefully make a trip back there before the end of 2002.