Interview mit Until The End



Torben: First of all: Who am I talking to? Please tell us a little bit about UNTIL THE END.
This is Dan, bass player. UTE is a sXe hardcore band and we have been around for over 5 years. We like hardcore and we hate John Mayer.

Your new album "The Blind Leading The Lost" has just been release in Germany via Alveran, it’s out in the States since October last year. How was the reaction to the record back in the USA?
The reaction was awesome. We received lots of kudos for speaking out against the Bush administration and I’m proud that people took the message to heart.

How would you describe your sound on "The Blind Leading The Lost" compared to the "Let The World Burn" EP ? Where especially do you see your development?
Well, we got rid of the “suck” involved with LTWB. I just think the songwriting is well beyond our old stuff, but we’ve maintained the same style. We also have a new drummer and vocalist so that changed the dynamic a bit.

On "The Blind Leading The Lost" you seem to focus more on mosh parts at the expense of singalongs. Did this occur on purpose and if yes why?
Nope, we just do what we want. We never made a conscious decision to change anything. The only thing we did agree on was to write shorter songs, more direct songs.

With James McHugh you present a new shouter. What happened with Mean Pete, and what can your fans expect from McHugh?
Mean Pete’s other band Remembering Never is just so damn busy he didn’t have time anymore. We knew it would happen eventually. We still love that asshole. James, the new asshole, is awesome. Great voice and great stage presence.

"The Blind Leading The Lost" is a very political album which deals a lot with the Irak war, Bush’s foreign policy and even the American dream itself. Are you guys just following the current trend of alternative music to politicise or what is behind your songs?
Fuck following a trend, this shit is what is going on in my backyard. I couldn’t sit here and write a song about being mad at the world for no reason, the Bush administration is ruining my fucking country! I will take every opportunity to speak out against them, especially on record.

From the very first UNTIL THE END presented itself as a sxe hardcore band. What role does being straight edge play for you these days?
It’s ingrained within us. It’s not something any of us need to think about, it’s just part of us.

Being on your own well established label has a lot of advantages. Do you guys address music differently with no real economical pressure?
Not really, we just do what we want. We don’t pressure our artists to sound a certain way, so why make that demand on ourselves? We know we’ll sell enough records to make our money back, so why compromise?

What do you guys think of the huge metalcore trend with hardcore and metal amalgamating more and more?
I think to each his own. It’s not always what I like to listen to, but I can understand why it has gotten so big. Heavy music was dormant for a while, so it’s only natural that it make a comeback in a big way.

When are you guys coming to Germany?
Uhhhhh.No comment. SORRY!!!