Interview mit Within Reach



1) Would you first introduce yourself and your band to our readers that don't
know Within Reach

We´re five swedish guys playing in this band called WITHIN REACH. It´s
Denny on vocals, Jonas and Björn on guitars, Jocke on drums and me, Magnus
on bass. We´ve been around since 1996 but with a slightly different sound
& members. We started out as a punkrock/old school hardcore band and have
over the years put out 3 CD´s, a couple of singles and played a bunch of
gigs...We´ve turned into something completely different the last 2 years,
the music turned darker.

2) Complaints Ignored was produced by Mieszko from Nasum together with Mathias
from Millencolin, a pretty diverse combination? Did this diversity have any influence
on the record / songwriting?

No, they haven´t influenced us at all. Everything was more or less arranged
and written when we entered the studio. They like, just as us, shitloads of different
bands and styles which keeps us away from stagnating.

3) What are the influences that led you guys to the heaviness and darkness
that can be heard on Complaints Ignored? I often hear the name Entombed?

Actually we don´t hear so much ENTOMBED in our sound, I think we´re
totally different. But you could get compared to worse bands!

Apart from them we like so many different kind of bands, everything from THE SMITHS
to CARCASS, that it gets impossible to name just a few.

4) Where lies your aversion agains traditions, that you're talking about in
the song "Tradition"?

It´s not like I really care if people decides to follow certain traditions,
but sometimes I get fed up with comments about my choices not to participate in
every goddamn celebration I know nothing or little about.

5) What is behind the lyrics of "Silent Speech"?

The lyrics are pretty basic to that one, it´s not about a certain incident,
it´s more about people´s silence in general.

6) How do you guys write your songs and especiall your lyrics? Together as
a band or is ther only one person?

Usually Björn, Jonas or Jocke comes up with the music, then we arrange the
song together at rehearsals. I write the lyrics when the music is ready.

7) How did you get in touch with Bad Taste records when it came down to releasing
the current album?

They released our last CD ('Fall From Grace') and wanted to put out this one as
well, simple as that!

8) What was the craziest and the best thing that ever happened to you guys
on tour?

We´ve been through so much crazy shit that I can´t even pick out just
one, but going up 1000 km to play just one show in a small city in northern Sweden
and then make complete fools of ourselves on stage in front of 50 people is definately
one of them!

Best moments have always involved great (big and small) audiences. Especially
the Hultsfred festival (SWE) and supporting SICK OF IT ALL in Switzerland.

9) What can be expected from your tour with Raised Fist and nine? I think it's
a perfect package?

Yeah, three bands with three different styles. I like the line-up of this tour!
You can expect intense performances from all of us.

10) If you listen to a band, what do they have to do and play that they fascinate

Apart from great music the lyrics are, at least to me, rather important. If a
song has as good lyrics as the music, that´s the perfect combination. It
must be honest, you must stand for what you´re singing, unless it´s
done with humour.

11) Most of your lyrics on Complaints Ignored are focussed on social topics
like traditions, working every day and so on, what about politics?

Yeah, I think our lyrics are kind of everyday politics, stuff that´s happening
to us (or others) as we speak. Everyone gets our point when they read them I think.

12) What are your future plans after the Still Screaming Tour?

We haven´t planned so far, except for playing weekend gigs and just trying
to make people realize our new album is really something worth tocheck out. By
the way, it will be out on vinyl as well in october. Canadian Straight Ahead Records
will do it. Maybe we´ll record new songs for a 7" EP.

13) Final Words?

Thanks alot! Check us out on the german dates of Still Screaming. For further
info, go to our homepage: