Interview mit Zebrahead



Hey Ben! Let´s talk about your new record which will be released tomorrow on Soulfood.
„Get Nice!“ again features this ZEBRAHEAD „trademarked“ positive and vital spirit and sound. Whom does the title advise refer to?

To everyone. Getting nice is easy to do by anyone. If you like helping an old lady accross the street you can „get nice“ by doing that. If you enjoy drinking a few beers, then you can „get nice“ by doing that. It’s a state of mind.

What is ZEBRAHEAD´s secret behind still creating this positive and unique kind of sound after 15 long years? Are you guys scared of any „musical stagnation“ at all?

We never sit down and say we want to write a specific style of song. We all have individual tastes and when we are working on a new song, all of our influences and style get mixed together and you get a Zebrahead song. We are afraid of circus folk though...they have small hands.

What – besides Pizza – has been a main influence in the writing process of „Get Nice!“?


From „Blackout“ to „Demon Days“, the record is to say a typical ZEBRAHEAD release. Melodic, light and yet thrilling and catchy. Do you guys set new standards for yourself on each record or is the production just fluent and according to your instinct?

I think we have been working with each other so long now that some of the issues we encountered early on are gone. But as always, different problems sometimes come up. Ultimately we are tried to write an album that we loved and were proud of. I think we accomplished that with „Get Nice!“ The standard we set for ourselves is to try and not suck.

Being a band for about 15 years now, can we expect ZEBRAHEAD to turn around 180° one day and spend all day cutting the lawn in bright golf shirts and clean shorts?

Shit, we do that now. Ha! Listen, we know how lucky we are to have a career writing and playing music. We have the best fans in the world and we know it. We appreciate everything that they have done for us and we do our best to not let them down.

How would you describe both ZEBRAHEADs music and message to someone who is not familiar with the band at all?

I would tell this person to go out immediately and buy „Get Nice!“ And, to buy one for his grandma too cuz they love that shit. We are a cross between Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black crashing a circumcision.

Orange County is known for being rich. conservative and staid on the one hand, but creative and rebellious on the other. What aspects of your hometown area would be the shady ones?

Well, we grew up in a middle class area, not super rich or poor. But, there are plenty of places in Orange County where you wouldnt want to visit late at night.

As you are among the local bands, how would you describe that OC-shaped rock sound? What bands would you name that created/influenced that sound?

There have been so many great bands that have come out of Orange County. I remember going to see bands like Face to Face, No Doubt, and the Offspring play locally before they got big. And, once one or two bands start doing well from one area the record companies start to pay attention more to that scene. I think those bands opened the door for bands like us to have a career playing punk music.

What would be the most important thing inside the ZEBRAHEAD tour bus when being on the road for a longer time?

Ha..ha! I would say 1. Beer, 2. Wi-Fi, and 3. Beer

Any further record recommandations / bands to be witnessed on tour / pizza parlours to try / places to go?

I would highly recommend any red light district in any town all around the world. And make sure you come and check us out when we come to your town!

Thanks a lot, Ben!