MAN OVERBOARD Tourtagebuch



WEDNESDAY, DEC 15 - Paris, France

So we took the overnight ferry from england to france then drove to paris and stayed the day at Gwen the promoters house. The ferry was cool. We had an english breakfast and everyone drank a lot of beer. After napping at Gwens (some went to eiffel tower, some slept) we headed to Le Klub for the show. A seriously small venue that id been to twice before on other tours. The show was small but fun. Transit covered Millencoln and Starters from Dublin played, Good times. Oh the fucking music store around the corner charged me 17 euro for a pack of strings and 6 picks. FML. Ate some awesome chicken giro and came to Matthews to sleep! oooh yeh... tim '(from transit) went to the bar with some strangers and we dont know where he is. well see how this turns out... UPDATE: tim came back at 6am. he fell asleep in his cab too. classic.

THURSDAY, DEC 16 - Izegem, Belgium

So this show was fun. small but fun. sometimes small shows (after being spoiled with big shows in the UK) can be a bum out but we all had a really great time... nice people, good food, fun vibes, kicker/fooseball and free drinks! there real story began after the show though. The promoter told me that we would be staying in the "Old city hall, above some offices" and that we "must be quiet so we are not discovered"... this sounded weird but we strapped in for the ride and went with it. We got there and it was infact an old buiding with administrative offices for a school downstairs and a hall upstairs for wedding or concerts, etc. We went in there (the promoters brother is the janitor) and hungout all night. Everyone fucked with me by sounding me with huge stacks of chairs while i was sleeping. I woke up to this in the middle of the night and to get them back I started sneaking around this old building and room and scaring everyone. Needless to say, nik zac and joe b were believing in ghosts for a few minutes there. Snuck out in the morning with no problems though.

FRIDAY, DEC 17 - Moenchengladbach, Germany

I was really looking forward to this show because I got to see my dudes in AYS. I had met them twice before on other tours so it was awesome to hangout with them again. Great guys, amazing band - - check them out if you dont know them already! Anyways - show was fun. There was a few US Soldiers there who came from a nearby US Army Base as well as some kids from the Netherlands. Thanks to those who traveled. The apartment above the venue was awesome and I got a great sleep! much needed

SATURDAY, DEC 18 - Widnau, CH

I was super excited for this show too. The first time I came to europe I did merch for a band called The Effort who was on tour with a Swiss band called Fall Apart (unfortunately they broke up - they were amazing). But after this tour Mike the drummer and a few off the other guys from the band and their friends came to stay with me in Philadelphia. Mike ended up staying for months and months and dating a good friend of mine and is now living half of his time in Philly and half in Swiss. Anyways - it was fucking great to see Mike, Stefan, Andreas, Tom, Boris, Dominic, Patrick and everyone else that I knew, knew of or just met that night... Thanks to all who came to the show, hungout and made it a fun night... Overnight drive through mounds of snow to Leipzig....