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21.01.2009 - 08:14:56     Leathermouth    
LEATHERMOUTH haben ihr Epitaph Debüt "XO" zum Stream bereitgestellt. Ihr findet es... mehr »


05.12.2008 - 12:33:25     Leathermouth    
Frank Iero's Zweitprojekt LEATHERMOUTH veröffentlicht nun am 23. Januar ihr Debütalbum. Die Tracklist von "XO" liest sich wie folgt: 1. 5th Period Massacre - 2:16 2. Catch Me If You Can - 2:31 3. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters - 2:40 4. I Am Going To Kill The President Of The United States Of America - 2:59 5. Murder Was The Case... mehr »

LEATHERMOUTH - Frank Iero & Co. bei Epitaph

27.10.2008 - 07:58:58     Leathermouth    
Hier das Pressestatement: Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) Gets Pissed For Epitaph Records New Jersey hardcore group LeATHERMOUTH have signed to Epitaph Records with plans to release their debut album in early 2009. Featuring founding members Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance (vocals) and Rob Hughes (guitar) along with various friends who have... mehr »