3 - kündigen neues Album an



3 stehen mit ihrem neuen Album "Revisions" in den Startlöchern. Hier das Rundschreiben:

"3's follow up to 2007's critically-acclaimed album, "The End Is Begun," has been finished. "Revisions" will be available on October 27th and sees 3 re-examining their past, sometimes lesser known material. The band digs into their back catalogue of forward thinking and, as always, incredibly melodic songs to breathe new life into what some fans may have missed out on.

3 describes Revisions as a collection that "taps the rich history of 3 by re-examining some of the earlier songs that made us who we are today. Some of them are known from early live bootlegs, others existed only on cassette and were transferred to the internet by dedicated fans. In any event, these are songs that we felt deserved a second chance, a 'revision' if you will. Our passion for music is truly the common thread that binds our diverse body of work."

Hier die Tracklist:
01. Anyone Human (1998)
02. Rabid Animals (2000)
03. The Better Half Of Me (2001)
04. Automobile (1998)
05. Why (2002)
06. Lexicon Of Extremism (2006)
07. Fable (2002)
08. You've Been Shot (1998)
09. Halloween (2002)
10. The Emerald Undertow (1998)
11. The Game (1998)