7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN - Video zu "Better Off"



"Better Off" heisst die neue Single der Alternativeband 7 MINUTES INS HEAVEN aus Chicago, zu der die Jungs unten einen Videoclip ins Netz stellen. Aktuelle hatte die Band im vergangenen Jahr die EP 'Symmetry' via Rude Records veroeffentlicht. Frontmann Timmy Rasmussen kommentiert:

"Better Off is a reflection of losing myself while everything felt like it was crashing down and looking up at the same time. I've learned that there is no definite path to take for success, others want to see you fail and feed off your struggle, and that if you want something enough you are your biggest critic and best friend. It takes courage to accept your shortcomings and allow yourself permission to be the change you want to see. If what you believe in is real to you, that is the only validation you need. Be the silver lining"