88 FINGERS LOUIE - Reunion Show



88 FINGERS LOUIE haben eine Reunion Show angekündigt:

"Having been completely blown away over the level of support the band has received over the years (these last few being particularly insane), we, like our mentors the Blues Brothers, are putting the band back together for one long-awaited reunion show. We are pleased to announce that we will be playing August 15th in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge.

Information about when the show will go on sale will be announced soon so pay attention-you do not want to sleep on this truly special evening. Regretfully, Joe Principe cannot take part in this reunion as Rise Against is his main focus these days, but he has given this reunion his blessing. Filling in his shoes will be Bassmaster General John Contreras."

88 FINGERS LOUIE lösten sich 1999 auf.