AFI Neuigkeiten zum neuen Album



Auch hier ist ein Nachfolger längst überfällig! Die Band gab folgende Statements zum neuen Werk ab:

"really aggressive and have — dare I say — pretty heavy hardcore leanings," à la 1997's Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes."

"There are just a few — by no means is the record weighted in that direction. But there are definitely some hardcore moments on there."

"there are some songs that are more heavily loop-based. We tinkered with different time signatures, and even different rhythms we haven't worked with. There are moments within some of these tracks that sound like nothing we've really touched as a band, artistically, before."

Guestvocals gibts von den Sängern von DAY OF CONTEMPT, BLEEDING THROUGH, TIGER ARMY und anderen.