ALLSCHOOLS PRESENTS: GIVER - neues Video zu "Dancing With The Devils"



GIVER aus Köln haben im Rahmen der Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums "When the Cycle Breaks" ein zweites Video zu einem neuen Song ins Netz geladen. Die Platte wird am 26. Januar 2018 über Holy Roar Records (UK) und hierzulande über Powertrip Records erscheinen.

Hier ein Kommentar zu dem Song und dem Video für alle, die der englischen Sprache mächtig sind:

"Dancing With The Devils is a song about our generation being the last one that could make a necessary change, but is too focused on its own bliss, waiting and wishing for better things to come while this planet is slowly vanishing.

Since it is also probably the most metal song on the record, we tried to contrast its pretty hard vibe with a more feminine and delicate dance style. When we play shows, it is always an important matter to us, that everybody can dance in whatever way he or she feels comfortable in as long as he or she doesn´t hurt others deliberately. Hardcore shouldn´t be a place in which one feels urged to behave or move in a certain way to seem hard or cool."