ALLSCHOOLS PRESENTS: TRADE WIND - mit Jesse Barnett durch die Songs von "You Make Everything Disappear"




Tom Williams (Stray From The Path), Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) und Andrew McEnany (Structures) bilden zusammen mit dem Produzenten Randy LeBoeuf die Post-Hardcore-Formation TRADE WIND, die aktuell ihr Debütalbum in den Startlöchern hat.

Was "You Make Everything Disappear" inhaltlich zu bieten hat, erklärt Sänger und Gitarrist Jesse Barnett im Rahmen eines exklusiven Track-by-Track anbei. 


I Hope I Don’t Wake Up:

"This song is about a reoccurring dream I was having. It was about someone who means everything to me wanting nothing to do with me. Leaving me behind. Realizing she was too good for me. I would wake up sweating. I would wake up in a panic. Then one day, it wasn’t a dream anymore."

Lowest Form:

"I’m gonna keep this short but was written about the police kicking my door in at 1 am in my montreal apartment. We will keep it at that."

Tatianna (I Miss You So Much):

"This song was inspired by Alexander Pushkin's novel-in-verse Eugene Onegin. Its about fucking everything up."

Radio Songs:

"I’m gone almost all the time. My family lives in california. I live in Montreal. I tour all over the world. Its about that feeling of literally feeling like you belong no where. No one texts you because they assume you’re too busy. No one wants to bother you. You get that birthday text. Thats about it. Its about trying to cope with being alone and by myself."

Grey Light:

"This is about some of my favorite things and how I no longer have them. I miss them everyday."


"This song is about how love is a nightmare and its meant to kill you. So we should all just succumb to it in some sort of mass suicide."


"No comment."

Je T’aimerais Toujours:

"My dad once said to me that the biggest regret in his life was that we wasn’t able to speak to his mother in her native tongue. The person I love most in this world speaks french. Its her native language. This is classic me. Too little too late."


"You Make Everything Disappear" erscheint am 15. Juli über End Hits Records - im Oktober kommen TRADE WIND zudem mit SIGHTS & SOUNDS auf Europatour.




04.10. DE - Berlin - Cassiopeia

05.10. DE - Hamburg - Hafenklang

06.10. DE - Köln - MTC

07.10. NL - Eindhoven - Dynamo

08.10. CZ - Prag - Lucerna Music Bar

09.10. DE - München - Feierwerk

10.10. CH - Aarau - Kiff

11.10. DE - Karlsruhe - Alte Hackerei

12.10. BE - Antwerpen - Kavka