ALPHA WOLF - neue Single "Creep"



ALPHA WOLF haben mit "Creep" nach "Akaduma" eine weitere Single vom kommenden Album veröffentlicht. Das neue Album "a quiet place to die" wird am 25. September 2020 via Greyscale / SharpTone Records veröffentlicht. Gitarrist Scott Simpson kommentiert: 

"The response to the new album has been far above what any of us expected. We set out some big goals in the lead up to releasing the first single and we’re always our biggest critics; so to see all of those goals met and some more has us all super pumped to get some more songs out. There’s no better feeling than people enjoying songs you’ve put your all into. The future is looking pretty bleak right now unfortunately. These songs are based around our live experiences over the past 18 months, so not knowing the next time we’re going to be able to tour again has us all feeling lost in our own ways. But on the other side, being in a band is about rolling with the punches so we’re always going to find a way to move forward and stay ahead of the curve, so we’ll be keeping busy even if you can’t see us on a stage near you."