AMERICAN GRIM - Video zu "Gods And Kings"



Die Schock-Rocker AMERICAN GRIM haben ein neues Video zum Song "Gods And Kings" veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt vom aktuellen Album "Ultra Black", welches am 01.11.2019 via eOne / SPV veröffentlicht wurde. 

Ryan Grim sagt zum Video: 

"There are unknown forces and fears in this world that we try to block out to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but which we can't ignore forever. The day will come when everyone will have to face the unknown and learn to conquer their fears, both external and internal. This song is about finding the strength to dissolve false senses of reality and learning to overcome the barriers in your mind by accepting the inevitable change around you. The world is continuously changing and creating new obstacles and anxieties in our daily life," says Grim. "'Breathe' is a song written to showcase good and evil in people, the decision to live, and the feeling of wanting to die and overcoming those feelings with a sense of living positive and optimistic."