AMERICAN HI-FI haben eine Coverversion des Songs "Another Nail In My Heart" von SQUEEZE aus dem Jahr 1980 vorgestellt. Das Cover der Pop-Punk Band ist bereits das dritte aus diesem Sommer. Sänger Stacy Jones beschreibt: 

“Another Nail in my Heart is a perfect example of the songcraft that makes Squeeze so beloved. How many other pop tunes go to a ripping guitar solo right after the first chorus?!?! As with the covers we’ve recently released, this is one of those tunes that I’ve sung in the shower ad nauseam, and now I hope people will crank up our version and do the same!”. 

Die drei Cover-Versionen sind Teil der neuen EP "Anywhere Else But Here", die am 07. August via Rude Records erscheint. Jones weiter: 

“We chose them because this is the music that we grew up on. These are the artists that made us want to pick up drum sticks, plug in a Jazzmaster, and make a fucking racket with our best friends until the neighborhood shut us down.  And that tenet still rings true today.  American Hi-Fi has always been a family affair.  A brotherhood. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the value of family, of music, of nostalgia, of coming together and sharing the joy of a song that can transport us, even for a moment".