ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY - Band Mitglieder weg / neues Album



Gleich zwei Leute haben AOAA verlassen, Gitarrist Sam Dawkins und Drummer Brad Merry. Die Band sagt:

"Sam decided to leave after the [North America] tour to follow home life with is girlfriend and loved ones, his heart wasnt into touring anymore so he made the decision to leave, we left on good terms and we wish that ugly prick the best of luck. We parted ways with Brad recently do to a number of reasons, the main one being distance as he lived over 100 miles away from the rest of us and it made it very difficult for us to rehurse, that coupled with disagreements with certain band members made make the decision to part ways with him, He is currently looking for a new band within the London area and trying to go further with his MMA. You can reach him on his Facebook if youre intrested in him drumming for you, just search Brad Merry."

Derweil schreiben die Briten neue Songs und sagen sazu:

"So we've now started writing our next CD. We've been listening to all the feedback you guys have given us and have taken it all onboard for this next CD; we don't really wanna do the usual 'OMG this is gonna be the heaviest CD ever, so heavy that Lambgoat will hate us,' but it's definitely going to be our angriest sounding release to date. There will be mixes of both the EP/Throne CD sound with the sound of Reign of Darkness thrown in with new elements our new members bring. It's all about the groove."