ARMOR FOT SLEEP - Releasedate verschoben



Das Releasedate des neuen ARMOR FOR SLEEP-Albums "Smile For Them" hat sich auf den 30.10.2007 verschoben. Folgendes hat die Band dazu zu sagen:

"Hey everybody. It's ben. I'm writing you guys to let you know about a little deviation in our grande plan. Instead of our album being released on October 9th, we are going to have it come out on October 30th. There are a couple reasons for this. The most obvious reason is that we didn't want our album to drop on the same day as Kid Rocks new one... Really though, I wish I could tell you why these things happen. But I am just a mere player in this weird play, although it may seem otherwise sometimes.

I guess the people who control the gears of motion thought the machine (monster) would run smoother if it had a few more weeks to incubate and grow in the collective consciousness of you. But its been a long wait thus far, so what's 3 more weeks?? We're going to have a pre-order up soon and a new video and something online for you to be able to sample the entire album. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Anyways, thanks for waiting."