AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS - Video zu "Take Me There"



Die Briten von AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS erinnern angenehem an dem Screamo-Hardcore der 00er Jahre. Freunde von UNDEROATH, SAOSIN, ASKING ALEXANDRIA oder FROM FIRST TO LAST duerfte "Take Me There" gefallen. Zu der Single, ab sofort erhaeltlich via Long Branch Records, stellt die Band um Sängerin Charlie Rolfe unten einen Videoclip vor. Rolfe kommentiert den Track wie folgt:

"Hypocrisy is all around us, people claiming to have more of a moral compass just because they follow a certain faith when actually you can be equally or even more friendly and loving than themselves. This song also displays the thoughts and feelings about being controlled and told how you’re supposed to be and feel, especially in the context of organised religion. Think for yourself, ‘question and defy’ your norm, become you.”