AS IT IS - Video-Trilogie



Die Singles "The Great Depression", "The Stigma (Boys Don't Cry)" und "The Fire, The Dark" stellen die Video-Trilogie dar, die AS IT IS ihrem kommenden Album "The Great Depression" vorausschicken. Sänger Patty Walters erzählt zum aktuell vorgestellen, dritten Teil "The Fire, The Dark": 

"'The Fire, The Dark’ is about self-destruction. Weighed down by his regrets and resentments, The Poet turns to habits of self-destruction as a coping mechanism, isolated and completely withdrawn from the world, neurotic and unstable, consequently jeopardising his relationship with his wife. 

This song in particular is one of the boldest musical departures from the As It Is many have come to know. It was a pleasure and a privilege writing this song alongside Larry Hibbitt of Hundred Reasons, a band whose sound directly influenced ‘The Great Depression’s darker direction."



Im November kommen AS IT IS im Rahmen ihrer Europatour dann auch fuer zwei Termine nach Deutschland.



21.11.2018 – DE – Hamburg, Logo
22.11.2018 – DE – Köln, Luxor