ATREYU äußern sich zum FROM FIRST TO LAST Tour Rausschmiss



ATREYU haben sich zum FROM FIRST TO LAST Tour-Abbruch der laufenden World Championship Tour geäußert. FFTL hatten zuvor verlauten lassen, dass sie zum Verlassen der Tour gezwungen wurden. Hier das Statement von ATREYU:

"We are adults and do not feel the need to drag anyone's name through the mud. We wish Sonny a speedy recovery and hope his voice is not permanently damaged.

As for those of you who think you know "the story" becasue "so and so told you about it," you dont know shit and need to get over it. They couldn't perform as FFTL and are no longer on this tour. End of story.

Some food for thought before you start blaming good ol' Atreyu: A very similiar thing happend to this same band on the Warped Tour. Hmm. Weird. Coincidence? Lighting striking twice? There are two sides to every story. We have ours, they have theirs. All we know is that Sonny has been hanging out at some of the shows, so it would appear he has no hard feelings."