ATREYU veröffentlichen EP mit Coverversionen zum freien Download



ATREYU werden eine Cover EP namens "Covers Of The Damned", feat. Tourmates der Congregation Of The Damned Tour, Blessthefall, Chiodos, Architects (UK) und Endless Hallway, zum freien Download veröffentlichen.

Hier die Tracklist:

- Aerosmith's "Livin' On The Edge" (Atreyu)
- Dead Kennedys "Holiday In Cambodia" (Atreyu w/Endless Hallway)
- Volbeat's "Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood" (Atreyu)
- Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" (Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas and guitarists Travis Miguel and Dan Jacobs along with Evan and Joe Mullen of Endless Hallway, Brandon Bolmer of Chiodos, Sam Carter of Architects UK and Beau Bokan of Blessthefall)
- Deftones' "My Own Summer (Shove It)" (Atreyu's Travis Miguel and bassist Mark McKnight along with Bolmer and Tanner Wayne of Chiodos, Carter of Architects UK and Jono Evans of Endless Hallway)

Gitarrist Travis Miguel hierzu: “Doing cover songs with your own band is one thing, but collaborating with members of various other bands for cover songs is an even cooler experience because outsiders become insiders who give input and influence, which in many ways, can take it to a whole new level.”

Die EP wird ab dem 12. Oktober HIER verfügbar sein.