AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE - neues Video online



AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE präsentiert die Premiere des ersten Videoclips weltweit, welches den T-1000 dabei zeigt, wie er versucht eine Party zu ruinieren! Das Video – produziert von Dave Brodsky – enthält diverse essentielle Elemente eines jeden Musikclips. Eine Party, einen Whirlpool, Gangvocals und ein Unterwassergitarrensolo!

Tim Lambesis kommentiert das Video folgendermaßen: “Arnold is proof that you can be brutal and still have fun. Metalheads can still laugh at a party right? The theme for this video can go a few different ways. I think that no matter what drastic measures Ahhnold takes, he somehow only creates more fun for all. Other people may think there is an underlying story as a Terminator love story between Ahhnold and T-One-Million. However you interpret the video is fine with me, but if you sing along loud enough Ahhnold just might show up at your house too!”